Zombie's Playground

Zombies Playground is your one stop shop for anything Zombies! When that fateful day comes where Zombies attempt to take over, will you Survive a Zombie Apocalypse or Become a Zombie? Here at Zombies Playground, we can supply you with everything you need, no matter what side you’re on.

Zombie T-Shirts

Zombie T-ShirtsZombies Playground offers a full range of everyday Clothing such as Men's Zombie T-Shirts, women's Zombie T-shirts and even junior Zombie T-shirts. Zombies Playground has the greatest selection of Zombie costumes around. We have zombie costumes for men and women as well as boys and girls. Our masks are all top-notch items that will transform your features into something that is truly ghoulish and monstrous. We even have covers for your hands and your feet, to make sure that your costume is perfectly completed the way you want it to be. Have most of your zombie costume done and looking for that extra touch. Have a look at our Zombie feet and boot toppers as well as our Zombie hands.

Zombie Blood and Costume AccessoriesUnless you happen to be particularly blessed with a rather zombie-like appearance, you could probably use a few great Costume Accessories whenever you put on your zombie costume. Luckily, the Zombies Playground carries all the zombie accessories you could want. We have prosthetics, applications, fake blood, Zombie Make-up, fake teeth, hats and Zombie Wigs. Is your skin not pale or dead enough looking? Lighten your complexion to ghoulish levels with some of our make-up. And of course, what good zombie would dare go out without a liberal splashing of fresh blood? You guessed it, folks, you can find all of that and more here in the Costume Accessories section at the Zombies Playground!

Zombie Blood & Costume Accessories

Zombie Weapons, Axes, Machetes, Shovels and KnivesMake no mistake about it, when the zombies rise and attempt to devour humanity; you're Zombie Weapons, Axes, Machetes, Shovels and Knives going to want a good, quality weapon at your side. And there's no better place to look for one than in the Real Weapons section of the Zombies Playground. We carry only the best axes, knives, daggers, machetes, throwing weapons and survival shovels around. Need a great zombie weapon for your costume? Zombie’s playground has plastic weapons that include prop axes, knives and other weapons. If you are going to a zombie Larping event or Zombie re-enactment then you need to look at our Zombie Latex foam weapons. These LARP weapons are made to look like the real thing and will last for years of roleplaying. Our LARP Weapons are the best quality and safest weapons on the market today.

Zombie Gas Masks & Survival Kits

Zombie Gas Masks and Survival KitsAlmost everyone has heard of zombies, but does anyone actually know how to survive them? We do! Here at the Zombies Playground, we offer a broad selection if items to help you Survive a Zombie, ranging from gas masks to survival equipment, all the way to camping gear. But even with the right equipment, surviving a zombie can be tough. Our Survival gear also includes emergency kits, books, outdoor survival and accessories such as belts, armor, pouches and bags.

Zombie Brains, Body Parts, Organs and Innards

Zombie Brains, Body Parts, Organs and InnardsZombies Playground's butcher shop has fresh quality cuts of meat that are taken from both humans and Zombies. These body parts are compose of plastic or foam that are made to look like the real thing. In the Butcher shop you will find Zombie arms, hands, cut off Zombie heads, legs, and feet. We also have a special category called organs and innards which consists of Zombie brains, hearts, eyes and intestines. The Butcher shop is a great category for the special Halloween party or Zombie scene. Just add a little bit of our Zombie blood to give it that realistic look and feel.

Zombie Decor and Gifts

Zombie Decor and GiftsZombies Playground's Decor and gift section is the perfect category for finding that special gift for a Zombie collector or decorator. Here, you'll find a great selection of impressive items, ranging in size and nature, including such things as zombie warning signs and warning tape, as well as gruesome little displays like bloody candles or zombified garden gnomes. Bigger, more impressive decor is available in the form of large zombies and corpses, all positioned to recreate scenes of classic horror that are almost incomparable in look. We also have Zombie fountains and misters, Zombie games, Zombie candy bowls, lighters, Gelatin Molds and Zombie toys.

Become A Zombie or Survive A Zombie

Become A Zombie or Survive A ZombieCan't find what you’re looking for? Use our New Live Chat feature! We can give you real time help by answering your questions and helping you find specific products. Help is just a click away! And since we don't have actual Zombies working here, our Customer Service is top notch! We show inventory for your shopping convenience so you'll know an estimated time of shipment and we also offer express shipping.