Zombie Apparel

Whether you are dressing for a zombie apocalypse or just showing off how much you love the walking dead, you are sure to find the clothing you need here at Zombies Playground. Every garment here will help you celebrate, survive, or transform into a zombie. If you love zombies (and who could blame you for not), then many of our zombie t-shirts are right up your alley, demonstrating ghoulish themes and designs that are both humorous and serious, making them great for virtually any casual occasion. And if you love zombies so much that you have become one, or are at least looking to become one, you will also find a number of fashionable yet zombified garments here that will give you the classically tattered look of a real zombie. Why tattered? Because it seems like everything a zombie wears winds up tattered. That, and it creates a really effective zombie style. Of course, for the zombie survivors out there we also have a number of choices that are rugged, reliable, and comfortable, making them the perfect survival garb to wear whenever you are struggling to fight against the hordes of the undead. Basically, for all your essential zombie related clothing, you can look to Zombies Playground to provide you with an impressive selection of pre and post zombie apocalypse garments that you can wear on your day-to-day, whether you are celebrating a love of zombies, fighting against them, or dressing like one.
Zombie Jackets & Hoodies, Camouflage Jackets, Tactical Jackets, and Survivor Jackets
When the zombie apocalypse happens, make sure you are not caught out in the cold. We carry a fantastic line of zombie hoodies, camouflage jackets, survival coats, tactical jackets, and military jackets to help guard against the elements when you are on the run. Many of our zombie sweatshirts feature designs that even the undead can appreciate, while our tactical outerwear will help the living become successful survivors of the outbreak!
Junior Zombie T-Shirts, Zombie T Shirts and Zombie Tee Shirts
Zombies aren't just for adults! At Zombies Playground, we believe that zombies are for all people, whether they're living or (walking) dead, and so we offer a number of Junior Zombie T-Shirts for the youth who wants to celebrate her own zombie style.
Kid's Military Apparel, Kids Camouflage Clothing, and Kids Zombie T-Shirts
The youngest members of your family deserve great kids military clothing to wear while you are on the run from the shambling hoard of zombies! We carry playful kids zombie shirts and kids camouflage clothing like kids camo shirts, kids camo hats, kids camo pants, kids camo hoodies, and camo onesies. Our army baby bodysuits, childrens survival clothes, and kids tactical apparel will help ensure that your whole family escapes the zombie outbreak!
Men's Military T-Shirts and Mans Military T Shirts
Man cannot live on zombies alone. Actually, man cannot live at zombies at all, but we're talking about your wardrobe, here. And if you're tired if zombies ruling your attire, then perhaps you need one of the Men's Military T-Shirts from the Zombies Playground to help you kick butt and take your wardrobe back from the undead!
Men's Zombie T-Shirts, Zombie T Shirts and Zombie Tee Shirts
Whether you like it or not, zombies are everywhere. You might as well join in the craze, and while you're at it, pick up a few awesome Men's Zombie T-Shirts from the Zombies Playground. Wear one of these zombified shirts and you'll find yourself eagerly embracing the zombie craze!
Military Long Sleeve Shirts, Patriotic Long Sleeve Shirts, and Army Long Sleeve Shirts
Zombies Playground brings you more than just zombies. With our military long sleeve shirts, we celebrate those who keep America safe from all manner of threats. Here you will find comfortable shirts with patriotic graphics honoring the branches of the United States Armed Forces, such as the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. With eagles, flags, and more, all our shirts in this section celebrate America in a variety of patriotic styles.
Zombie Bathrobes, Zombie Loungewear, and Zombie Sleepwear
Take advantage of the few moments of rest you can get during the zombie apocalypse with the zombie robes and undead loungewear that we carry here at Zombies Playground. This comfortable zombie lounge apparel includes pieces like fleece bathrobes and sleepwear options. Our licensed Walking Dead bathrobes provide several fun designs that fans of the AMC TV show are sure to love.
Survival Footwear, Zombie Footwear, Combat Boots and Zombie Heels
During the zombie apocalypse, good footwear is a must. This is true whether you plan on being a zombie or surviving them! Zombies Playground is your one stop shop for all things zombie, and with that in mind, we offer a wide array of great shoes for both men and women, so that when the zombies do come, you can be prepared for whatever role you prefer, be it living or undead!
Camouflage Clothing, Camo Clothing and Hunting Clothing
Camouflage Clothing carries with it several advantages that put it right above regular clothing. The biggest advantage, though, has got to be that makes hiding easier - and that's why we like it so much here at the Zombies Playground, because it makes us feel safer from the shambling zombie hoards!
Women's Military T-Shirts and Women's Military T Shirts
Sometimes, it's a good idea to slow down on the zombie style and mix in a few other tasteful shirts. And if you're looking for something tasteful and fun, why not look into one of these Women's Military T-Shirts? After all, not only does it look great, but it's also quite patriotic, and at Zombies Playground, we like things that do two (or more) things at once.
Zombie Skirts, Zombie Pants and Zombie Leggings
Obviously, there is more to zombie clothing than just shirts. At the Zombies Playground, we understand this better than most and endeavor to provide you with all the Women's Skirts, Pants and Leggings you'll need, whether you're running away from zombies or dressing up like them.
Women's Zombie T-Shirts, Zombie T Shirts and Zombie Tee Shirts
Brought to you by the Zombies Playground, many of these Women's Zombie T-Shirts would look fantastic on the ghoul of your dreams. Of course, these awesome zombie shirts don't have to be given as gifts to be enjoyed to their fullest by any number of female zombie fanatics.
Zombie & Survivor Jewelry, Biohazard Jewelry, Firearm Jewelry, Zombie Jewelry, Brain Jewelry and Paracord Accessories
If you are looking for cool zombie accessories and survivor jewelry to enjoy during the zombie apocalypse, Zombies Playground has that. Actually, we have great accessories that you can enjoy BEFORE the zombie apocalypse too! Ranging from cool pendants and stylish rings to handy accents that double as survival tools, we have all the accessories you will need to give yourself that zombie or survivor style.