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Obviously, there is more to zombie clothing than just shirts. At the Zombies Playground, we understand this better than most and endeavor to provide you with all the Women's Skirts, Pants and Leggings you'll need, whether you're running away from zombies or dressing up like them. Here, you'll find a number of garments for woman to wear whenever they're attempting to create a style that's perfect for some sort of zombified style. If you're looking to craft the perfect zombie look, you'll find hole-ridden leggings and other tattered garments here that will give any walking dead woman that ragged and worn look that zombies so often feature. On the other end of the spectrum, if you're looking for some garments for the zombie survivor on the go, you'll find that a number of these garments work just as well for the living as they do for the walking dead. An added plus is that the garments that are made for survivors are gothic, great, and easy to move in, which means looking good won't turn you into zombie food. Next time you're picking out an outfit, ask yourself if you have any skirts or leggings to wear during the next zombie outbreak. If your answer is "no", then don't worry, because the Zombies Playground has you covered. All you need to do is browse our Women's Skirts, Pants and Leggings until you find something that really reaches out and grabs you, just like a zombie would.
Zombie Leggings
Why does zombie clothing wind up looking tattered and ragged? Because zombies are not all that concerned with taking care of garments. Despite that, the Zombie Leggings are still a stylish pair of black leggings that any woman can wear.
Price: $6.30
Womens Olive Drab Vintage Fatigue Pants
Ladies if you are searching for comfortable military style clothing then the Womens Olive Drab Vintage Fatigue Pants are for you. This paratrooper inspired clothing item will become a favored addition to your personal wardrobe.
Price: $46.99
Womens Black Vintage Fatigue Pants
Step up your fashion game with the modern and functional Womens Black Vintage Fatigue Pants, which can be yours today. If you are tactically minded and want a comfortable clothing item then these pants may be the solution.
Price: $46.99