Costume Accessories

Unless you happen to be particularly blessed with a rather zombie-like appearance, you could probably use a few great Costume Accessories whenever you put on your zombie costume. Luckily, the Zombies Playground carries all the zombie accessories you could want, much less need. And that's a good thing, because truthfully, there's a lot that goes into making a great zombie look. It's as much about the look as it is about the mentality, and a good shamble and a classic groan will only get you so far. When it comes down to the accessories, you're going to need things like bandages, fake teeth, and prosthetics, all of which you can find here. And if your hair happens to be too lively, we have undead wigs to fix that. Is your skin not pale or dead enough looking? Lighten your complexion to ghoulish levels with some of our make-up. Need a good wound? Look here for wounds so horrible that even a zombie might think twice about applying them (at least it would if zombies could think). And of course, what good zombie would dare go out without a liberal splashing of fresh blood? You guessed it, folks, you can find all of that and more here in the Costume Accessories section at the Zombies Playground!
Bloody Zombie Bandages
A good series of Bloody Bandages are just what the doctor ordered whenever zombies are on the loose. Of course they look great on injured survivors, but at Zombies Playground, we also know that Bloody Bandages also happen to look great on the walking dead, too.
Zombie Costume Make-up, Zombie Makeup and Zombie Make-up
Unfortunately, many of us (if any at all) were not blessed (or cursed) with authentic zombie looks. So the next time you wish to wear a real zombie face, take a moment to browse through the Costume Make-Up section at the Zombies Playground.
Fake Blood, Zombie Blood and Blood Capsules
Zombies eat people, and that's just a fact of life. And given their penchant for eating people, zombies are often covered in copious amounts of blood. Now where could an intrepid zombie fan get all that Fake Blood? Why, they could get it here, at the Zombies Playground!
Zombie Teeth and Fake Teeth
On a technical level, zombie teeth aren't any different than our own human teeth, at least generally speaking. Most people don't want to let their teeth get that bad, though, so instead, the Zombies Playground offers Fake Teeth so that anyone can fill their mouth with rotting zombie teeth without any fuss or hassle.
Zombie Prosthetics, Zombie Scars and Zombie Wounds
Being dead and generally uncoordinated, zombies often come by some of the strangest wounds imaginable. Of course, you can't really give yourself similar wounds - or can you? Zombies Playground is happy to offer you a number of eerie and realistic prosthetics, scars and wounds!
Zombie Scars and Zombie Tattoos
When prosthetics get too complicated to even contemplate, turn to the Zombies Playground to provide you with all the grotesque and gruesome Scar & Wound Tattoos you need to create a look that is truly eerie, startling, and one-hundred percent zombified.
Zombie Wigs, Zombie Hair and Costume Wigs
Are you cursed (or blessed) with a head of full, luxurious hair, which constantly foils your every attempt to look zombified? If you answered yes, then one of our fantastic Zombie Wigs from the Zombies Playground is the solution to your troubles!
Zombie Hats, Zombie Beanies and Zombie Caps
Do you even need a reason to wear cool zombie gear? Here at the Zombies Playground, we don't think so. Why? Consider these Zombie Hats for a moment, taking in their comfortable look and style, as well as the way they fuse casual and zombie into one incredible style.