Fake Zombie Teeth

On a technical level, zombie teeth aren't any different than our own human teeth, at least generally speaking. Most people don't want to let their teeth get that bad, though, so instead, the Zombies Playground offers Fake Teeth so that anyone can fill their mouth with rotting zombie teeth without any fuss or hassle. Of course, not all zombie teeth are created equal. Sometimes, you might want a truly rotted and horrifying maw of jagged, gapped teeth that looks bad enough to make even a dentist weep. Other times, you might want something a little closer to normal, with just a touch of swelling and zombified style that accents any good zombie costume, without overpowering the facial features or looking out-of-place. That's why we don't just offer one style of fake teeth but many, so that no matter what style of zombie you want to make, we have just the right teeth to help you pull it off with an authentic look and feel. So don't ruin your own choppers whenever you're dressing up as a zombie! Instead, visit the Zombies Playground and pick up a few pairs of our Fake Teeth for an equally fantastic (but far less permanent) set of zombified teeth!
Rotten Hillbilly Teeth
It just goes to show you that you do not have to be a zombie, a monster, or any other sort of living dead to have bad thing. The Rotten Hillbilly Teeth is a prosthetic row of teeth that will transform your teeth into a dental nightmare!
Price: $4.00
Rotted Zombie Teeth
No self-respecting member of the undead would dare be caught with perfect teeth! Given all the munching and crunching that zombies do, the Rotted Zombie Teeth are just about what a zombies teeth might really look like.
Price: $2.00
Zombie Teeth
Zombie Teeth are rarely a pretty sight. Not only are they the doom of many survivors, but they are a rotted and decaying mess. With these Zombie Teeth, you can have quality zombie chompers that are comfortable and easy to wear.
Price: $5.00