Zombie Scar & Wound Tattoos

When prosthetics get too complicated to even contemplate, turn to the Zombies Playground to provide you with all the grotesque and gruesome Scar & Wound Tattoos you need to create a look that is truly eerie, startling, and one-hundred percent zombified. What these tattoos lack in three-dimensional form, they more than make up for with detailing, depicting shapes, mutations, and injuries that might even be too complex for your average, run-of-the-mill prosthetic to create. These scar and wound tattoos are the perfect way to add something new and creepy to your zombie look in a rush, without having to muss or fuss over adhesives or prosthetics that might catch or get in the way. Many of these tattoos you simply apply and enjoy, showing them off as you please until you tire of them, at which point you clear them away with vigorous washing and scrubbing. Some of the tattoo wounds and scars featured here are perfect for your average zombie, while others are more suited for a mutated, biohazard zombie, although you can feel free to mix and match Scar & Wound Tattoos from the Zombies Playground until you achieve what you consider to be your penultimate zombie look.
Biohazard Zombie Scar Tattoos
Regular wounds and scars will not work on a biohazard zombie, because biohazard zombies are different from regular zombies. When you want that contaminated and noxious look, make sure you turn to the Biohazard Zombie Scar Tattoos!
Price: $2.00
Biohazard Mutant Body Parts Tattoos
Toxic doses of biohazard materials have strange effects on the living and the dead. Consider any of these Biohazard Mutant Body Parts Tattoos, which can be used to apply mutated details to any good radioactive zombie costume.
Price: $2.00