Telling zombies apart from humans just got more difficult, especially when those humans happen to be wearing any of the Zombie Masks from the Zombies Playground. Our masks range from classic zombie to undead abomination, ensuring that you can be as monstrously undead as you wish to be with any of our masks. In our Mask section, you'll find a staggering array of impressive masks, all of which feature a monstrous or undead style that is perfect for creating your ideal zombified look. Quality is always important and so many of our masks are made from high-end latex to guarantee their impressive detail and those that aren't are still made from top-rate materials to ensure the best quality possible. The masks found here come in all shapes and sizes, some being made to fit over the whole head, creating a total appearance, while others are designed to cover only part of the head or the front of the face, leaving some personal details showing. If you're looking for a realistic zombie mask, than you can find it here. Conversely, if you want something that is truly monstrous, gruesome, and authentically undead, you can also find a variety of terrifying zombie masks here that border on the truly terrifying side of the walking dead. Of course, there are also a number of other masks that are featured here that might not be totally zombified, but are perfectly in-keeping with a traditional zombie apocalypse and its style. If you're looking for an impressively realistic zombie face to mask your own human appearance with, look to the Zombies Playground to provide you with the Zombie Mask that will leave other living humans quaking in fear of the first zombie they see.
Chemical Warfare Mask
This mask looks like it comes straight from the trenches of World War II, featuring a militaristic style that is sure to make zombie survivors happy. The Chemical Warfare Mask also features an intimidating look with loads of appeal.
Price: $31.80
Evil Scarecrow Mask
Fear is not always about the most gruesome and gory details. Sometimes, it is a startling thing that haunts your every moment, waking and resting. And the Evil Scarecrow Mask is a perfect example of small details making a huge impact.
Price: $55.80
Deluxe Overhead Latex Gas Mask
When it comes to zombies, you can never be too safe. The Deluxe Overhead Latex Gas Mask recreates the look of a true gas mask, making it a good stand-in for when you need some good safety gear to complete your zombie survivor look.
Price: $40.00
Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask
This Deluxe WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask is not your average zombie mask. For one, it depicts a zombie-monster fueled by powerful feelings of hunger and wild rage, which drive it to shriek and sprint and charge.
Price: $53.80
Burnt Horror Mask
You do not need to face something inhuman to feel abject terror. Sometimes, the variations of monstrosity among humans is enough. This Burnt Horror Mask features a brutal burn that, on human or zombie, is enough to inspire primal fear.
Price: $47.80
Chinless Zombie Deluxe Mask
While it looks like this zombie saw medical treatment, whatever it received was too late to stop total zombification. The Chinless Zombie Deluxe Mask has the gruesome and grisly appearance of a zombie wrapped in medical bandages.
Price: $19.80
Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask
This Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask could almost be mistaken for the real thing, if not for its vivid toxic-green coloration. Mimicking the appearance of a respirator mask gives this accessory incredible detail and versatility.
Price: $8.00
Rockabilly Zombie Mask
Does this Rockabilly Zombie Mask look a touch familiar to anyone else? At any rate, this piece combines the classic look of a rockabilly star with the modern-day image of a flesh-eating zombie to make one really awesome mask.
Price: $17.10
WWZ Hairless Zombie Mask
Nothing is as terrifying as getting between a hungry zombie and its prey - probably because doing so makes you the next meal on the menu! And when someone wears this WWZ Hairless Zombie Mask, it is easy to look like a hungry undead.
Price: $25.80
On Sale For: $23.22
Stitched Scarecrow Mask
Evil finds a way to come back, even when you think you have sealed it away for good. This Stitched Scarecrow Mask offers a terrifying visage that has been stitched and sealed into a classic vision of country horror.
Price: $160.00
Survival Gas Mask
At the end of the world, a gas mask is almost a necessary accessory that will keep you breathing easy while filtering your air. Rest assured that while wearing the Survival Gas Mask, you will not have to worry any toxins or gases.
Price: $8.00
WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask
If you are looking to step up your zombie look, a full mask might just the way to go. This WWZ Screaming Zombie Mask offers total coverage, ensuring that from any angle, you look more like a flesh-hungry undead, rather than a human.
Price: $28.00
La Llorona Mask
La Llorona means The Weeping Woman. The La Llorona Mask is based around a Mexican legend featuring a woman rejected from the gates of Heaven. Thus rejected, this mask depicts her visage while tears of blood stream down her face.
Price: $53.80
Deluxe WWZ Zombified Scientist Mask
This mask comes complete with a costume idea. Imagine it, a scientist, brought in to study a plague, whose careless nature causes him to become what he studies? You need only a lab coat to go with this Deluxe WWZ Zombified Scientist Mask!
Price: $53.80
Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask
At the onset of the zombie apocalypse, zombies will look like normal people. As time wears on, the differences will become more apparent. This Roaring Zombie WWZ Face Mask is a middle-ground, with little decay but definite undead style.
Price: $17.80
Deluxe WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask
Emaciated and just a little bit decrepit, this Deluxe WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask retains its scary look even though it looks like a zombie that has been around a while. But then again, perhaps experience is why this zombie is so terrifying.
Price: $53.80
Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask
Scientists will be among the first to change if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Why? Because they will study its effects and inevitably risk infection themselves. This Zombie Scientist WWZ Face Mask offers a twist on the traditional zombie.
Price: $17.80
Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask
Sometimes, zombies can seem rather docile, especially when there is no human meat wandering around. This Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask, though, reveals how aggressive and feral a zombie can become when food approaches.
Price: $17.80
BioHazard Gas Mask
At the end of the world, a gas mask is almost a vital and necessary accessory that will keep you breathing easy. Rest assured that while wearing the Biohazard Gas Mask, you will not have to worry any airborne toxins or gases.
Price: $8.00
Armageddon Android Skull Mask
Replace the bone with metal, the muscle with hydraulics, and the blood with oil, and you will transform a skull into a robot, just as this Armageddon Android Skull Mask has transformed the skull into the visage of a mechanical monster.
Price: $33.00
Peste di Venezia Mask
Belonging to the legendary plague doctor of the Middle Ages, this bird-like mask will transform you into one of the beak doctors. The Peste di Venezia Mask shows off the eerie blank eyepieces and curved white beak of this odd figure.
Price: $20.00
WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask
This WWZ Roaring Zombie Mask looks like one undead costumer who has seen some rough times. Sunken cheeks and pale features make this zombie look like it has not fed in a while, while the feral expression only enhances its look.
Price: $29.80
GP-5 Black Gas Mask
Used by the Soviets during the Cold War, the GP-F gas mask was included in fallout shelters to help protect against radiation. The GP-5 Black Gas Mask employs an iconic gas mask look that will go great with historical costumes.
Price: $30.00
Zombie Tongue Mask
With some of its skin missing and part of its jaw broken, the Zombie Tongue Mask is a gruesome depiction of the undead, made even more so by the strange, macabre expression created with this ghouls tongue hanging out of its mouth.
Price: $39.80
Black Smoke Mask
A good gas mask is hard to find, and this Black Smoke Mask replicates the look of one to the last detail. It makes a solid choice for any survivor to have, while serving as a bold accessory that fits well into a zombie survivors look.
Price: $21.80
Zombie Scarecrow Mask
Somebody finally found a good use for a zombie. The Zombie Scarecrow Mask depicts a zombie face that has been bound up like a traditional scarecrow, its head covered in sackcloth and bound, ensuring that all it can do is groan.
Price: $45.80
Frankensteins Army Mosquito Man Mask
Frankenstein replaced the brain of a former military commander with the machinery parts needed to power a flesh-rending proboscis drill! The Frankensteins Army Mosquito Man Mask lets you dress as a zombot from the horror film.
Price: $55.80
Green Shock Mask
When Mary Shelley first penned Frankenstein, it is dubious whether she had in mind a zombified beast like this Green Shock Mask, pieced together from the fragments of corpses and given false life by a mixture of science and nature.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Pale Scarface Zombie Mask
Almost skeletal in its appearance, this Pale Scarface Zombie Mask is a quintessential undead accessory, offering a fantastic level of detail and gore. Combine it with a good wardrobe, and you will have a nigh-unbeatable zombie look!
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
Gashes Mask
The Gashes Mask is not exactly the most subtle mask in the world, although this lack of subtly means that none can mistake this mask for anything but what it is. And what it is, is a terrifying visage that has been cut and gashed up.
Price: $22.00
Metalstein Monster Mask
With some ingenuity, even Frankenstein can become a zombie! Truly monstrous, this Metalstein Monster Mask merges a few genres of monster together to create a terrifying amalgam that is sure to be the stuff of nightmares!
Price: $51.80
On Sale For: $46.62
Dragon Warrior Mask
Rain down fire on your enemies with the help of your cohort of dragon riders! The Dragon Warrior Mask will transform you into a medieval knight who rides abreast one of the most terrifying monsters of the Middle Ages.
Price: $26.00