Plastic Weapons

Unless you know that you're going to be facing and attacking real zombies, any time you stage a zombie outbreak, it's probably best to consider using the Plastic Weapons from the Zombies Playground. What they lack in working blades and parts, they more than make up for with incredibly detailed appearances. Being much safer than real weapons, you aren't likely to run into many accidental injuries (much less, heaven forbid, accidental fatalities) whenever all your human survivors and undead zombies are wielding plastic weapons. These plastic weapons can be put to a wide assortment of different uses, serving best as props for costumes, productions, and other events where their appearance can and will be admired, while their performance as a working weapon will remain untested. You'll find a variety of different weapons in this category, ranging from proven zombie killers like axes, machetes, and knives, to other mundane tools like farm implements, all the day down to more impressive and visceral weapons like chainsaws. As many of these weapons are made from molded plastic or other stiff, hard materials, they are designed to look great but lack the strength to function as a working weapon. That's just as well, though, because many of these Plastic weapons just as great in the hands of flesh-hungry zombies as they do in the hands of still-living survivors, and a working weapon in the hands of a zombie is any living human's worst nightmare.
Plastic Zombie Axes and Prop Zombie Axes
Ah, the axe. This classic staple of zombie horror is a working example of why simple tools often work the best. And you'll find plenty of Plastic Prop Axes here at the Zombies Playground, all of them perfectly appropriate for humans and zombies alike to carry and use against one another.
Plastic Zombie Knives and Prop Zombie Knives
These Plastic Prop Knives are the next best thing whenever it comes to equipping your living survivors and undead zombies whenever you're creating your own zombie apocalypse. Not only do these plastic knives look realistic and great, but they're also perfectly safe to use!
Plastic Prop Zombie Weapons, Zombie Weapons and Weapon Props
If you're looking for a specific type of prop weapon and it doesn't seem like one of the more general types, like axes, knives, swords, or machetes, then perhaps you'll want to look at the Plastic Prop Weapons section of the Zombies Playground. You might just find it here, along with some other appealing items.