Plastic Prop Axes

Ah, the axe. This classic staple of zombie horror is a working example of why simple tools often work the best. And you'll find plenty of Plastic Prop Axes here at the Zombies Playground, all of them perfectly appropriate for humans and zombies alike to carry and use against one another. These plastic axes are the perfect choice whenever you want to carry a weapon that is a proven zombie killer but have to make sure that it is perfectly safe to carry. Each axe features the ideal blend of a realistic and impressive looking appearance with a safe construction, which makes any of the plastic axes featured here makes a great addition to any costume, production, or event that needs realistic looking weapons. These axes are relatively harmless, in that the bit and the handle lack sharpened edges or the mass required to inflict severe injury. It is hard to find a zombie or zombie survivor costume that couldn't benefit from having one of these Plastic Prop Axes added to it, if only because even a plastic axe is an iconic and classic weapon to see during a zombie apocalypse.
Bloody Axe
There is a reason that the axe has been a favored close combat weapon for hundreds of centuries, and the Bloody Axe is not any different. The life-sized hand axe has a rustic, bloody look that makes it perfect for dispatching a zombie.
Price: $5.00