Plastic Prop Knives

These Plastic Prop Knives are the next best thing when it comes to equipping your living survivors and undead zombies whenever you're creating your own zombie apocalypse. Not only do these plastic knives look realistic and great, but they're also perfectly safe to use! Each of these knives is made from a solid plastic or other synthetic polymer, which ensures that the blades feature impressive and realistic detailing while lacking sharpened edges capable of inflicting injury. Basically, as real as they look, any and all of these plastic knives are relatively harmless, making them the ideal props to use with costumes, events, and other productions that involve weapons, survivors, and the undead (or other ferocious, life-threatening creatures). Many of the knives in this category are distinctively kitchen knives of varying styles, although you'll also find other knives and knife-like blades, including farm sickles and other devastating little weapons. You'll also even find a few other novel items, like knives that, when worn, look like they're already stuck into your flesh, making them the perfect addition to zombie costumes! If you're zombie production or outbreak has need of "safe weapons", then turn to the Zombies Playground to provide you with a number of Plastic Prop Knives that will fill that need perfectly.
Bloody Carving Knife Prop
A staple of the horror genre, this large gory knife makes a fantastic accent to any creepy look. The Bloody Carving Knife Prop displays a realistic appearance that makes the spattered blood even more disturbing to see.
Price: $5.50
Bloody Cleaver
Ah, a good old meat cleaver. Until a knife is produced that is as common as a kitchen knife yet can split a zombie skull in a single strike, this Bloody Cleaver is likely to remain a standard in zombie killing for years to come.
Price: $4.00
Bloody Knife
The average, everyday kitchen knife is the most common knife among the populace. These sharp cooking implements can also double as effective zombie killing weapons, as you can see by looking at this Bloody Knife.
Price: $4.00
Bloody Sickle
If you can believe it, the sickle was once a simple farming implement that was used for harvesting grain. Of course, as the Bloody Sickle shows, the heavy curve and the sharp edge make the sickle a wickedly effective weapon, as well.
Price: $3.50
Zombie Knife Thru Head
Apparently zombies are getting sturdier, because it looks like a knife to the head will no longer kill a zombie. The Zombie Knife Thru Head Headband will make anyone look like they have a kitchen knife directly through their head.
Price: $2.50
Zombie Cleaver Thru Head
If you thought that swinging a cleaver at a zombie head was enough to kill it, you were wrong! The Zombie Cleaver Thru Head headband demonstrates that zombies are a tough bunch that can function even with a knife in their skull.
Price: $3.00
Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver
The perfect costume accessory for demented doctors, evil morticians, and any other psychotic madman, the Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver adds a dramatic element of horror to any scary and deranged character this Halloween.
Price: $5.50