Plastic Prop Weapons

If you're looking for a specific type of prop weapon and it doesn't seem like one of the more general types, like axes, knives, swords, or machetes, then perhaps you'll want to look at the Plastic Prop Weapons section of the Zombies Playground. You might just find it here, along with some other appealing items. Of course, some weapons just don't fit into any other types. After all, what, exactly, do you classify a power tool as? Is it safe to call a chainsaw a motorized sword, even though it's really so much more than that? Thus, we have this Plastic Prop Weapons category, where you can find all manner of weapons and tools that don't quite fit into any other category. Power tools are the most likely find here, including the ever-popular chainsaw, along with an assortment of other intriguing items that are obviously weapons but less-obviously defined by a specific type. The one thing that all of these prop weapons do have in common, though, is their construction. They are all made from plastics and other synthetic materials that render each weapon impressive looking but relatively safe. Is your ideal weapon for cutting down zombies a chainsaw or some other impressively large and loud power tool? Or do you have more discerning or esoteric taste and want a unique weapon that no-one else will have? Then check out the Plastic Prop Weapons section here, and browse through our selection of plastic weapons that don't quite fall into any category other than "freaking impressive".
Realistic Hypodermic Needle
Do you remember your last shot when the doctor said that this will not hurt a bit? When this Realistic Hypodermic Needle is involved, you cannot say that, because it looks like it is going to hurt and quite a bit at that.
Price: $3.00
Bloody Chain Saw With Sound
There is something oddly appealing about the idea of facing down a zombie with a chainsaw in your hands. With the Bloody Chain Saw with Sound, you can carry around a great, bloody prop that sounds and shakes like the real thing!
Price: $17.55
Biohazard Zombie Doctor's Scraper
It might have been a doctors tool at one point, but the Biohazard Zombie Doctors Scraper is anything but now. The gruesome tool has been worn and used to the brink, and now it looks more like an instrument of torture than anything else.
Price: $6.50
Deluxe Animated Chainsaw Prop
The perfect weapon for amateur serial killers, the Deluxe Animated Chainsaw Prop will increase the fright factor of your Halloween costume. The plastic chainsaw features a rotating blade accompanied by roaring noise.
Price: $60.00
Negans Bat Lucile Prop
This licensed Negans Bat Lucille Prop is a carefully modeled accessory based on the most famous weapon from The Walking Dead universe. The incredibly realistic prop is made from polyurethane foam for a great screen used look and feel.
Price: $24.99
Rick Grimes Machete Prop
Carl! You will definitely be able to protect him at your next costume party with this licensed Rick Grimes Machete Prop. This amazing prop made from high quality polyurethane looks like real stainless steel with wood finished hilt.
Price: $24.99