Real Weapons

Make no mistake about it, when the zombies rise and attempt to devour humanity, you're going to want a good, quality weapon at your side. And there's no better place to look for one than in the Real Weapons section of the Zombies Playground. Trust us when we say that these weapons are no friend to zombie-kind, and having one used against you is no picnic, either. Everything you'll find here in this category, be it knife, axe, machete, or anything else, is a functional weapon, in one way or another. Every one of the axes you'll find here are working blades that will cut through wood as cleanly as they will through zombies. Every knife is a functional tool made for either survival or combat (or both). Every machete is either sharpened, or has a blade that will hold a good, cutting edge. Everything in this real weapons category is made for the rigors of use and survival, which means that they pack a mean punch when used for battle, as well. Many, if not all, of these weapons are made from quality steel and utilize strong materials in their construction, all to ensure that these weapons and tools will last no matter how much punishment they take (please note that every tool and weapon needs to be cared for and maintained from time to time). And of course, the final advantage to any of our Real Weapons is that close-combat weapons don't need to be reloaded, which means you can keep swinging until your arm gets tired. Still don't think zombies are a threat? Well, that's your business and your choice, but that does not mean that you still can't benefit from picking up one of these Real Weapons from the Zombies Playground. You might never kill a zombie with it, but it will still be a rugged and effective tool and weapon that will serve for many years to come.
Zombie Axes, Survival Axes and Zombie Hatchets
There is a reason why the axe is a top-tier zombie killer when it comes to weapons. And no matter its size, you can rest assured that every Real Axe and Hatchet that you get from the Zombies Playground is a rugged and reliable tool and weapon that can be used just as easily for battle as it can for survival.
Zombie Knives, Survival Knives and Zombie Daggers
No-one really wants to get up-close and personal with a zombie, but it does happen. And when it does, it is far better to be equipped a blade from the Zombie Playground's Real Knives and Daggers section, so that you know your knife will stand up the rigors of battle.
Zombie Machete, Survival Machetes and Survivor Machetes
The machete is basically a modern-day sword, featuring a long blade that is designed for cutting. At the Zombies Playground, we feel that it is this simple approach that makes the machete one of the finer zombie killing weapons on the market, which is why we offer a number of them in our Real Machetes category.
Zombie Throwing Weapons, Throwing Knives and Zombie Knives
With a steady hand and a little bit of practice, any one of the Real Throwing Weapons found at the Zombies Playground could be transformed into a lethal missile capable of piercing a zombie's skull and ending its miserable, undead existence, and all without risking life or limb at a closer range.
Slingshots, Hunter Slingshots, Survival Slingshots, and Zombie Slingshots
Survival slingshots make one of the most versatile zombie apocalypse weapons, excellent for hunting small game or taking out one of the undead. We carry adjustable slingshots with wrist supports that can reach a high velocity. These hunter slingshots can shoot marbles or steel shot with ease. When you want a projectile weapon that anyone can learn to use, you can find just the thing with these tactical slingshots!
Survival Shovels, Zombie Shovels and Survivor Shovels
You might be wondering why, exactly, a shovel belongs in the category of "Real Weapons". Well, here at Zombies Playground, we can assure you that our Survival Shovels are, indeed, real weapons that are fully capable of ending a zombie's life in a rather brutal, yet quick and efficient manner.
Unconventional Zombie Weapons
What defines an unconventional weapon? In this instance, we at Zombies Playground define an unconventional weapon as one you wouldn't initially pick, but one that nevertheless is still as effective at killing zombies as, say, a razor-sharp blade. And each of these weapons definitely qualifies under that criterion.