Survive A Zombie

Almost everyone has heard of zombies, but does anyone actually know how to survive them? We do! Here at the Zombies Playground, we offer a broad selection if items to help you Survive A Zombie, ranging from gas masks to survival equipment, all the way to camp gear. But even with the right equipment, surviving a zombie can be tough. And how, exactly, do you know what you'll need from this category? It all depends on your situation. When would you need gas mask? Obviously, any time that you suspect airborne contaminants to be a hazard, you'll want to pack along a gas mask. Survival gear is a broader spectrum, although any time you plan on leaving the safety of your city to survive a zombie attack, you should always consider taking survival gear like bedrolls, sleeping bags, first aid kits, and other such necessities, as well as anything else you feel you might need. As for camp gear, most of it tends to be an absolute must-have any time you plan on surviving a zombie attack in the wild for any extended period of time. Still don't know what you need? Browse the Zombies Playground and its excellent Survive A Zombie section and little by little, you'll familiarize yourself with a variety of useful and helpful items, all while slowly figuring out what you'll need, and what you won't need, whenever zombies rise in your neighborhood.
Binoculars & Night Vision, Military Binoculars, Night Vision Monoculars, and Night Vision Goggles
When planning a night assault on the zombie hoard, make sure you have a pair of these night vision optics on hand. Our military binoculars and night vision devices include night vision monoculars, infrared binoculars, and night vision goggles that you can use to spot the undead even on the darkest of nights. These tactical night vision products make a great item for a bug out bag so you will be prepared at any time for the outbreak.
Bug Out Bags
At the start of the zombie outbreak, you will want a bug out bag with all of your immediate necessities ready to go. Also known as BOB kits, go bags, bail out bags, 72 hour kits, INCH bags, and preparedness bags, these tactical grab bags and survival kits allow you to store evacuation and survival supplies in a portable pack. Our concealed carry duffel bags, tactical convertipacks, and emergency kits make a great start for your personalized pack.
Gas Masks, Military Gas Masks, Chemical Gas Masks, and Biological Gas Masks
Anyone who thinks that a gas mask is useless during a zombie outbreak has obviously never dealt with a zombie born from airborne toxins. The usefulness of a Gas Mask cannot be overstated, and so the Zombies Playground makes sure to keep more than a few on-hand.
Military T-Shirts, Military Tee Shirts and Military T Shirts
Sometimes, good survival clothing is less about making you harder to see and more about empowering you and others. And that makes these Military T-Shirts fantastic survival clothing, as they feature emblems and designs that remind zombie survivors of the military that came before them, giving regular girls and guys the hope and drive to continue on. Plus, they look really cool.
Survival Accessories, Parachute Cord, Disaster Survival Kits and Bug Out Bags
Surviving the zombie apocalypse is no easy feat. Luckily, Zombies Playground has an assortment of great survival accessories that are perfect for helping you do just that! From specific survival tools to catchall accessories that are good for a dozen different things, Zombies Playground has an array of elements that are sure to help you survive when things get rough.
Survival Clothing, Hunting Clothing and Camo Clothing
Surviving a long-term zombie outbreak isn't as easy as arming yourself to the teeth with guns, ammo, and blades before making a stand in your own back yard. You'll have to think, and dress, strategically, and luckily, here at the Zombies Playground, we have the Survival Clothing you'll want to wear, in order to drastically enhance your odds of survival.
Tactical Accessories, MOLLE gear, Tactical Pouches, and Gun Slings
Keep all of your tactical gear close at hand with our useful MOLLE pouches and other tactical accessories. We carry a wide variety of tactical pouches including magazine pouches, radio pouches, grenade pouches, roll up utility pouches, ammo pouches, waist pouches, belt pouches, and more. This category also carries combat goggles, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, drop leg platforms, MOLLE First Aid kits, and other safety gear.
Tactical Holsters, Hand Pistol Holsters, and Military Holsters
Now you can find the right kind of tactical holster to help you become one of the few zombie outbreak survivors! Our hand pistol holsters include hip holsters, belly holsters, leg holsters, belt holsters, boot holsters, and shoulder holsters. Many of our concealed holsters and camouflage holsters can blend into your outfit or other tactical gear. Browse our military holsters to find the perfect one to help you survive the hoard.
Tactical Wear, Tactical Vests, Military Vests, Zombie Vests, and Concealed Carry Clothing
Be ready to launch an assault at the first sign of the zombie outbreak with these fantastic pieces of tactical wear. We carry a great selection of tac vests like assault vests, MOLLE vests, zombie vests, and military vests. Additionally, we offer concealed carry clothing so you will always be prepared. Our camouflage vests and pouch vests combine utility and comfort with their rugged designs, perfect for going on raids against the undead.