Zombie Bodies

Bits and pieces of zombies and humans are all well, good, and quite scary on their own, but nothing beats a whole zombie! Here, inside this Zombie Bodies category at the Zombies Playground, you can and will find whole and intact zombies (and other undead creatures) that feature a striking and realistic look. Here in The Butcher Shop, we are thrilled to offer a number of realistic looking zombie bodies of varying sizes and shapes, all to those discerning individuals who require a more complete body for their settings and scenarios. Of course you can find the classic zombie types here, which range in appearance and gender, just as real zombies do. You can also find other undead beasties here, including all manner of other flesh-eating ghouls, as well as a few more ancient undead entities, like mummies (which, really, could just be well-preserved, wrapped up zombies). Construction varies between individual pieces, although all of them have a rather impressive and detailed look that will lead others to believe that they are assuredly 100% real. For a real scare, use one (or more) of our creatures from the Zombie Bodies category to create a scene that's truly terrifying. As an added note, many of the Zombie Bodies from Zombies Playground are fantastic stand-ins for zombie outbreaks and zombie apocalypses, as these zombies don't actually eat people or spread the infection.
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