Zombie Decor & Gifts

Being in love with all things zombie doesn't mean that you are fully prepared for a zombie outbreak and nothing else. It means that zombies are a very big part of your life, which means you'll likely love the Zombie Decor and Gifts that you can find here, at the Zombies Playground. Here, you'll find an odd mish-mash of items that are unequivocally zombified in nature but are designed to be looked at and admired (sort-of). Here, you'll find a great selection of impressive items, ranging in size and nature, including such things as zombie warning signs and warning tape, as well as gruesome little displays like bloody candles or zombified garden gnomes. Bigger, more impressive decor is available in the form of large zombies and corpses, all positioned to recreate scenes of classic horror that are almost incomparable in look. There is also any number of impressive little gifts, ranging from impressive little gifts like lighters and zombie figurines to novelties like brain molds and bloody soap, all the way down to a fully-fledged zombie board game! You might say that there is something for everyone here in the Zombie Decor and Gifts section of the Zombies Playground.
Zombie Fountains and Zombie Misters
Zombie apocalypses aren't just about zombies eating people and people feeling from zombies. They've got to have the right atmosphere. And here at the Zombies Playground, you can find all the horror and zombie inspired Fountains and Misters you need.
Zombie Decor, Zombie Home Decor and Room Decor
Here in the Home Decor section of the Zombies Playground, you'll find all of the smaller sized items that are perfect for adding a distinctive and decidedly zombie touch to your home's appearance. Some of them are creepy, some of them are funny, and all of them are zombified.
Military Themed Drinkware, Army Mugs, Marine Pilsners, and Navy Drinking Glasses
Zombies Playground celebrates not just zombies and the apocalypse, but also the military as well! Our selection of military themed drinkware includes glasses, shot glasses, pilsners, steins, mugs, and more, emblazoned with graphics celebrating the Army, the Navy, the Marines, and the Air Force, as well as other patriotic themes.
Military Signs, Vintage Signs and Military Decals
We don't just carry zombie merchandise here at the Zombies Playground. We also pride ourselves on carrying decorations and decals that are perfect for celebrating top zombie-killers - and none rank higher than trained soldiers, which is why we carry a wide assortment of Military Signs & Decals!
Tombstones and Zombie Tombstones
Not all zombies come from the grave, but that doesn't change the fact that a graveyard filled with Tombstones is still an iconic scene for a classic zombie apocalypse. And at the Zombies Playground, we've got a great selection of Tombstones to use when creating your own graveyard filled with zombie denizens.
Zombie Drinkware, Zombie Mugs, Zombie Goblets, and Zombie Glasses
Zombies Playground wants to make sure you can incorporate the undead into every aspect of your life - including your table setting! Our Zombie Drinkware includes zombie mugs, zombie goblets, zombie cocktail glasses, and zombie drinking glasses. Several of these zombie cups display designs with sculpting to resemble zombie heads and hands. Others show off zombie humor prints that will make any zombie fan chuckle.
Zombie Games, Zombie Board Games and Zombie Dice
You don't have to be a zombie or put yourself in harms way to enjoy the thrill of a good zombie outbreak! At least, not when the Zombies Playground is offering a number of awesome Zombie Games that are designed to recreate a classic zombie attack.
Zombie Gifts, Zombie Present and Holiday Gifts
Just because something is influenced by zombies does not mean it can't be fun. In fact, that's quite far from the truth, as many of the Zombie Gifts found at the Zombies Playground can be quite novel and fun, while others can be considered serious and thoughtful gifts.
Zombie POP Figurines, Walking Dead POP Figures, Zombie Wacky Wobblers, and Zombie Pocket POP Keychains
Fans of the Walking Dead will find plenty to enjoy here in our selection of Zombie vinyl figurines! We carry an assortment of licensed POP Vinyl figures, Wacky Wobblers, and Pocket POP keychains featuring your favorite characters from the hit show. Check out our assortment of Walking Dead POP bobble-heads and vinyl dolls depicting Rick Grimes, the RV Walker zombie, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Bicycle Girl, Maggie Greene, the Governor, and more!
Zombie Props and Halloween Props
Whenever you're looking for something truly ghoulish and zombified to decorate with, look no further than the Zombie Props Section at the Zombies Playground. Here you'll find standing zombies, crawling zombies, warning signs, body bags, and eerie little animals.
Zombie Signs, Zombie Warning Signs and Zombie Caution Signs
During the initial stages of a zombie outbreak, no-one will have time to put up signs of zombie infestation. But as the populace grows adjusted to the zombie menace, more and more signs like the ones found here in the Zombie Signs section of the Zombies Playground will gradually start to pop up.
Zombie Posters, Zombie Gortraits and Zombie Portraits
Here at the Zombies Playground, we understand that not everyone is concerned with the zombie apocalypse. Or at least, not everyone is afraid of it. Some wish to celebrate it, as well as everything else that has zombie style. And for those people, we offer a great selection of Zombie Wall Art.