Fountains & Misters

Zombie apocalypses aren't just about zombies eating people and people feeling from zombies. They've got to have the right atmosphere. And here at the Zombies Playground, you can find all the horror and zombie inspired Fountains and Misters you need to create just the right sort of terrifying ambiance. Why fountains and misters, you might ask? Well, misters are a given, especially when you consider what a good, drifting mist can do for any zombie or horror setting. Plus, anything looks more terrifying when it comes out of the mist, zombies included. And our misters don't just look like little machines that create mist, but instead many are styled to look like real horror props, ranging from hands coming out to buckets to coffins, to barrels of toxic waste! And our zombie fountains are also a great creator of ambiance, being somewhat interactive. The best part about these fountains, though, is that all of them are terrifying creations that are designed to look like eerie and sinister monsters. Every fountain here is a working water fountain that moves water (or blood, if you color your water just right). And thanks to their monstrous appearance, each and every one can look like it is bleeding! Creating a zombie apocalypse is all about creating the right atmosphere and the right feeling of terror and dread. And here in this Fountains and Misters section, you'll find a variety of ghoulish and gruesome fountains and spooky misters that will go a long way towards creating the spine-tingling feeling of dread that only a good zombie outbreak can inspire.
Mist Maker
What is an eerie and creepy setting without a healthy dose of flowing, rolling mist? With this Mist Maker unit, you will have almost anything you need to create your own pale, ghostly mists that flow and settle just like heavy fog.
Price: $24.98
Tombstone Fog Machine Cover
Do not leave your fog machine sitting out! Decorate it with true Halloween zeal and make it a part of your decor with this Tombstone Fog Machine Cover! Slip this cover over your fogger and it will look like it belongs in a graveyard.
Price: $30.00
Vampire Victim Fountain
If you have always wanted to have a realistic looking vampire in your home, then now is your chance. With this Vampire Victim Fountain, you will have an impressive and hungry vampire that looks ready to sink his fangs into his next meal.
Price: $299.80
Bleeding Headless Corpse Fountain
It makes sense that having the head cut off would cause a lot of blood to flow. Even though this Bleeding Headless Corpse Fountain has not ever been truly alive, it still proves that concept, as rivulets of blood flow from its wound.
Price: $299.80
Today's Fresh Cut Brain Fountain
Todays Fresh Cut Brain Fountain looks like it came directly from the butchers shop and was placed on your cutting board to be chopped and served to your guests. This gruesome fountain is the perfect addition to any kitchen of terror.
Price: $39.80