Zombie Props

Whenever you're looking for something truly ghoulish and zombified to decorate with, look no further than the Zombie Props Section at the Zombies Playground. Here you'll find standing zombies, crawling zombies, warning signs, body bags, and eerie little animals. And that's only naming a few items. For a truly impressive zombie style, these Zombie Props are almost indispensable, as they depict a wide assortment of concepts and themes, all of which are so perfectly "zombie" in their own way. You'll find a number of little oddities here, all perfect for decorating. Want to scare your guests with ghoulish bats, toads, and vultures? We have them and boy are they creepy looking. Want to go a little less subtle and stand a zombie up in your yard? Do you want a dead zombie, a zombie coming out of the ground, or a zombie holding a sign, because we have all three and many more available. If you want hands that stick out of the ground or gruesome and gory signs for parties or privacy, you can find them all here. Some of the props are animatronic, some of them are still. Some are plastic, some are latex, and some are foam. All of them, though, are incredibly detailed, so much so that people might actually mistake them for the real thing. Whenever you're decorating inside and out, turn to the Zombie Props section here at the Zombies Playground to fill all your zombified needs.
Old Lantern
There is so much that you can do with the classic Old Lantern. One can be hung up to cast a dim light over a horror scene, or it can be carried as a part of a costume. You can even use one to create a historic look.
Price: $16.00
Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornament
You have gone over the steps. You checked your yard for buried zombies that could rise up from the turf. Your perimeter is secure. It is still not safe, though. Unfortunately, you have Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornaments in your yard!
Price: $15.00
Skeleton Torso
This Skeleton Torso is not just a realistic and great looking skeleton to hang up and scare people. It also happens to be fully posable, which means that you can move and customize this skeleton to create a variety of scary poses.
Price: $70.00
Slithering Reticulated Python
With a snake like this Slithering Reticulated Python, a venomous bite should be the least of your worries. This snake should be respected for its size as well as the impressive level of force it can generate when it squeezes is prey.
Price: $90.00
On Sale For: $63.00
Haunted Tree Stump
Did you think that the haunted woods meant that there were ghosts hiding out among the trees? As you can see by the Haunted Tree Stump, that certainly is not the case, as the haunted woods are trees that happen to be haunted!
Price: $360.00
Radioactive Rat
Radioactive waste affects different creatures in strange ways. Heck, it affects all things in strange ways, although none likely could have foreseen the effect that hazardous waste would have had on this poor Radioactive Rat.
Price: $39.80
Pose And Stay Skeleton
With this skeleton, it is not hard to re-create the look of the dead dancing on their graves. This Pose And Stay Skeleton is a detailed skeleton that hides another great detail, one that will hold it in a variety of positions.
Price: $100.00
Mutated Toad Lord Display
Did you ever think that a frog or a toad could look this mean? Of course not, and that is why this Mutated Toad Lord Display is so disturbing. Or perhaps it is scary because of its wicked fangs and it sinister, unfocused stare.
Price: $60.00
Zombified Garden Gnome
Whoever said that garden gnomes were supposed to sweet and gentle creatures has obviously never met this one! Although the Zombified Garden Gnome might have been nice once, those days are long-gone now that it's a flesh-eating yard decoration!
Price: $12.00
Zombie Warning Sign
The polite thing to do when you know there are zombies in the area is warn your neighbors. What better way to do that than putting the Zombie Warning Sign up in your yard? The sign is eye-catching and easy to put up.
Price: $2.75
Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone
It is not often that you see a skeleton clinging to its grave. Typically, the dead try to escape them. But that does not seem to be the case when this Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone is concerned, as this skeleton clings tightly to it.
Price: $278.00
Zombie Lady Gnome
Though gnomes usually appear as colorful, sometimes mischievous beings, this ghoulish gnome bears a decidedly wicked look. The Zombie Lady Gnome wears a cheery pointed purple cap and pink dress marred by blood and dirt.
Price: $30.00
Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul
Sometimes, zombies are reanimated because of strange, unknown viruses or infections. Other times, they are horrible experiments gone wrong. Others, like the Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul, are flesh-eating monsters raised by magic.
Price: $60.00
Giant Skull
A head that needed a skull this big must have been huge, indeed, as this Giant Skull is far larger than most. It is also far more resilient then it looks, in spite of the numerous cracks and chips that are visible over its surface.
Price: $200.00
Glowing Black Reaper Hanger
Anyone who looks at this glowing grim reaper will think that death has arrived, although the reason for deaths arrival will remain unknown. The Glowing Black Reaper Hanger is a large decoration that casts an eerie and ghastly glow.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $45.50
Giddy Fiberglass Pumpkin
This Giddy Fiberglass Pumpkin has all the look and style of a traditional jack-o-lantern, with far more durability then a typical pumpkin shell can offer, making this a great outdoor display whenever All Hallows Eve approaches.
Price: $338.00
Rotten Pumpkin Patch Set
Why settle for one pumpkin when you can have the whole patch? Of course, when it comes to this patch, they are all rotten to the core. The Rotten Pumpkin Patch Set features three monstrous pumpkins, all smiling in an eerie fashion.
Price: $22.00
Knuckle Head Talking Skull
People might start to do double-takes when they realize that this skull is actually talking to them. Once it is hung up, the Knuckle Head Talking Skull makes a fun and frightful decoration that will speak when activated.
Price: $30.00
Crawling Zombie Torso
Many a zombie survivor has found themselves feeling the agony of jagged, broken teeth biting into their ankle because they forget that even a Crawling Zombie Torso can be a threat, especially if you are not paying attention.
Price: $98.00
Belly Demon
It has not even been born yet and this little child is already one of mommys worst nightmares. The Belly Demon is a strange decoration that will not only make any woman look as though she is pregnant, but pregnant with pure evil.
Price: $12.00
Groundbreaking Zombie Hand
Need a hand? The Groundbreaking Zombie Hand can offer an extra helping hand when needed, although it is help that anyone should be cautious of. The last thing anyone wants is a helping hand to turn into a hungry zombie.
Price: $6.00
Stranger at The Door Knocker
In homage to every eerie door knocker that has ever been featured in movies or stories, we bring you the Stranger At The Door Knocker. If grabbing a severed hand to use the knocker seems odd, do not worry. This knocker knocks for you.
Price: $18.00
Talking Caged Skull
It had to be this skulls mouth that got it locked away in a cage. What else could it have been? The Talking Caged Skull is a skull that has been locked up in an old cage, likely because previous owners did not like what it had to say.
Price: $30.00
Recordable Skull
This Recordable Skull is the perfect way to make your own Halloween decoration. While you cannot alter its base appearance, what you can do is record your voice and make this skull say any creepy or clever message you can think of.
Price: $30.00
Light-up Biohazard Zombie Doctor
Do not be surprised if people start running for their lives when they see the Light-up Biohazard Zombie Doctor standing in your home. It is only natural to run from a zombie, especially one that looks unfriendly and contaminated.
Price: $170.00
Dead Monkey Skeleton
Sure, you know that this Dead Monkey Skeleton is the skeleton of a monkey, but when you place it as a prop in your next real-life survivor game, will your players know? Or will they pause and wonder what beast this was in life?
Price: $49.80
Black MD Bag
A Black MD Bag like this once would have contained tools a doctor needed when making a house call. In a time when zombies walk and mad scientists reign, though, who knows what sort of terrifying things might be inside this bag.
Price: $9.00
Rotten Gourd Jr Pumpkin
You certainly cannot find any pumpkins like this in the local pumpkin patch. With its devious smile and rotten look, this Rotten Gourd Jr Pumpkin has a rotten and wilted look that perfectly accents its ghoulish looking expression.
Price: $136.00
Posable Zombie Skeleton
What do you get when you combine a zombie and a skeleton? You get something beyond imagination, but it is also possible that you get this Posable Zombie Skeleton, whose bony features and glowing chest will make any horror scene fun.
Price: $110.00
Rotten Gourd Pumpkin
Have you ever seen a jack-o-lantern that looks this sinister? The Rotten Gourd Pumpkin takes sinister to a new level, so much so that it seems more like a monster that looks similar to a pumpkin, rather than an actual orange gourd.
Price: $178.00
Crate Corpse
Set this crate on the corner of your porch or in a recessed section of a room and people are bound to grow curious. They will walk right into a trap, as the Crate Corpse rises spookily out of its box, red eyes vividly aglow.
Price: $120.00
Zombie Body Bag
Some zombies wake up in a black body bag, while others find themselves in one after they have been permanently destroyed. A Zombie Body Bag gets put through a lot of use whenever humanity finds itself in the middle of a zombie outbreak.
Price: $15.00