Zombie Wall Art

Here at the Zombies Playground, we understand that not everyone is concerned with the zombie apocalypse. Or at least, not everyone is afraid of it. Some wish to celebrate it, as well as everything else that has zombie style. And for those people, we offer a great selection of Zombie Wall Art for those individuals to hang up and enjoy, while they await the much-anticipated coming of the walking dead. Here in this section you'll find a number of impressively styled and incredible detailed pieces, all of which feature a distinctive and decidedly undead flavor. Most examples of zombie wall art are eerie pictures and portraits, some of which are lenticular in nature and change depending on the angle you view them. Others are just sinister depictions of ghoulish and ghastly figures that perfectly represent classic zombie style. A select few are even powered, creating a subtle glow that only enhances an already-eerie look to entirely new heights. If you're one of those people who welcomes the impending zombie outbreak, or at least wants to put up a few eerie pictures in anticipation of the event, then the Zombies Playground is happy to provide you with all the sinister, creepy, and eerie examples of Zombie Wall Art that you desire.
Zombie Target Set
The perfect accessories to aid you in your zombie apocalypse preparation, the Zombie Target Set is a set of three zombie themed targets. These practice targets are excellently detailed and each displays a different zombie image.
Price: $5.00
Graveyard Zombie Girl Art Scroll
Looks can be deceiving sometimes. This is not one of those times, though, because as pretty as this ghoul in this Graveyard Zombie Girl Art Scroll appears, she is still undead and, thus, dangerous to the living.
Price: $20.00
Zombie Scraps Art Scroll
The view offered by this Zombie Scraps Art Scroll makes it seem as if you are looking up at the zombie. If that is the case, it must be a terrifying view to behold, because such close proximity can only mean one thing - you are next.
Price: $20.00