Zombie Latex Weapons

Here at Zombies Playground, we pride ourselves on providing the widest assortment of weapons possible, all so that you can be totally prepared for any level of zombie attack. If you are practicing for a zombie attack or putting together your own zombie games, then real weapon and plastic weapons are unsuitable. What you will want are some of our great LARP weapons! LARP stands for live action role play and is best defined as a group of like-minded individuals getting together to play out a fantasy or fictional scene that generally involves combat of some sort. It comes in various styles or flavors, ranging from medieval and pure fantasy to modern and post-apocalyptic. Here, we cater more towards those with a more modern flare and beyond, as these are some of the most common settings were one will find zombies. What sets our LARP weapons apart from our other weapons is that unlike our plastic weapons, our LARP weapons are made to such standards that can readily be used in combat-like situations. This means you can battle without fearing that the weapon will shred or break in your hands, as well as the comfort in knowing that the weapon is soft enough to use on others without potentially hurting them! All of our LARP weapons are approved for use and are made from an amalgam of materials, although the most common combination is heavy duty foam, silicone skin, and a fiberglass core. Here we offer a few different categories of weapons and tools, to best help you find the zombie LARP gear for you! Within, you will find all manner of weapons, ranging from conventional arms like knives, swords, and spears that are obviously made for battle, as well as improvised weapons that depict things like sledge hammers and wrenches, tools that were once for mundane tasks but have proven to be quite effective for use against a zombified foe! We also offer a few defensive tools too, to help keep you safe in a zombie LARP! So if you are looking for something to train with or something to use in your next simulated battle against the undead, you will want to check out our LARP Weapons, because you are bound to find the ideal weapon right here at Zombies Playground.
Conventional LARP Weapons
If you are in the market for a LARP weapon that actually looks like a weapon, then you will want to visit our Conventional Weapons section. Located here, you will find all of our honest-to-zombie weapons, with each one featuring an unmistakable look that identifies each one as an implement of war, designed for the purpose of cutting down or destroying any zombies you encounter.
Improvised LARP Weapons
Lets face facts. When the zombies arise, not everyone will have access to a typical weapon. Some survivors will go the whole distance with only improvised weapons and there is nothing wrong with that. Our own Improvised Weapons category is for that zombie LARPer who wants that realistic look of a casual item, converted into a lethal zombie-slaying tool.
LARP Shields and Defenses
Shields are not exactly a common place defense any more, having been almost entirely replaced by bullet-proof vests and Kevlar. Bullet-proof vests will not stop a zombie though. So when zombies invade your Live Action Role Play event, you will want a better defense than just modern-day armor. You will want one of the shields and defenses from the Zombies Playground.