Tactical Wear

Be ready for any eventuality when the zombie outbreak occurs! You can be ready to carry out an assault on the walking dead with the aid of these high quality pieces of tactical wear. Zombies Playground carries a great variety of tac vests, concealed carry clothing, military vests, zombie vests, assault vests, MOLLE vests, and camouflage vests with the pouches and protection you need to complete your mission. Our conceal and carry jackets and vests are made of durable, lightweight, water resistant material to retain warmth and comfort while disguising the weapons within. Alternately, our tactical vests feature rugged construction with various D-rings, gun loops, and pouches for items like radios, ammunition, documents, and utility tools. Certain vests are capable of holding hydration bladders and have hidden pockets, as well. Many combine comfort with functionality with padded shoulders, adjustable straps, and drawstring waists. Our tactical wear makes a great choice when you face down the shambling hoards, so make sure to choose your gear now while there is still time!
Tactical Combat Vest
Zombie preparation is a serious business, and you need serious gear to get ready for when the undead do rise and attack humanity. So prepare right and adorn yourself with this Tactical Combat Vest and its plethora of features.
Price: $70.00
Black Conceal and Carry Jacket
If you are undercover or simply a responsible citizen then the Black Conceal and Carry Jacket can be a great asset to your daily life. This subtle piece of outerwear will provide you with a stylish veil to carry your side arm.
Price: $148.00
Black Conceal and Carry Vest
Now you can easily disguise your firearm with the Black Conceal and Carry Vest, which is as fashionable as it is functional. Step up your everyday carry with a subtle piece of outer wear which can provide you with true security.
Price: $78.00
Black Tactical Raid Vest
As you stack up behind the front door and you give the count to breach you can trust in the versatile Black Tactical Raid Vest. You have to trust the guns beside you and also the gear you have on when it comes to a time is life scenario.
Price: $95.00
ACU Digital Rangers MOLLE Vest
Step up your tactical game with the full customizable ACU Digital Rangers MOLLE Vest, which can be yours today. This innovative tactical equipment will become a treasured addition to your kit when you see the benefits for yourself.
Price: $50.00
Cross Draw Black Tactical Vest
Stack up outside the door and prepare to enter while wearing the versatile Cross Draw Black Tactical Vest. This item is ready to aid you during some room clearing of a drug den so purchase one for yourself while you can.
Price: $110.00
Cross Draw Multicam Tactical Vest
Now you can step up your tactical game with the impressive and versatile Cross Draw Multicam Tactical Vest. This military style accessory will allow you to successfully accomplish your mission in comfort and style.
Price: $135.00
Cross Draw Brown Tactical Vest
If you want full tactical advantage then you need a Cross Draw Brown Tactical Vest, to enhance your game. This versatile military equipment will loyally serve you no matter what the conditions or mission you have been assigned.
Price: $110.00
Quick Draw Black Tactical Vest
Before you breach the building make sure you are ready with right gear like the Quick Draw Black Tactical Vest. This impressive piece of law enforcement equipment can enhance your kit and allow you to become the best operator you can be.
Price: $73.00
Cross Draw Olive Drab Tactical Vest
Before you breach the door make sure you have on the right gear like the Cross Draw Olive Drab Tactical Vest. This military inspired gear will become a valued asset to your gear after you experience all of the advantages of this rig.
Price: $110.00
Kids ACU Digital Cross Draw Tactical Vest
If your child wants to dominate the battlefield then the Kids ACU Digital Cross Draw Tactical Vest is for them. A victory comes down to skill and equipment, this gear can become a game changing factor for any kid who loves war games.
Price: $73.00
Cross Draw ACU Digital Tactical Vest
Hit the jungle with the right gear and eliminate your enemy with the Cross Draw ACU Digital Tactical Vest. This innovative military gear will set you apart from the others and help you accomplish your mission safely and efficiently.
Price: $110.00