Binoculars & Night Vision

No one knows what capabilities the undead will display when the zombie outbreak begins. If the walking dead move at night or are able to see in the dark, you will be glad you have a pair of these fantastic night vision optics on hand! Zombies Playground carries high quality binoculars and night vision products to ensure you will not be left in the dark during the zombie apocalypse. Our tactical night vision devices include binoculars, monoculars, and goggles that use infrared technology and magnification to help you see the shambling hoard while it is still at a distance, giving you time to get away or plan your assault. These military night vision supplies are light weight and easy to use, and they often come with straps, cases, and cleaning materials to help you tote your product and keep it in tip top shape. Browse our great selection to find the perfect item for your zombie hunting needs.
Ghost Hunter Night Vision Goggles
Embrace the pitch black and see the world in a new light with the adaptable Ghost Hunter Night Vision Goggles. This extraordinary piece of gear will give you full tactical advantage over your enemies when you stalk them in the darkness.
Price: $1,338.00
Nightfall Tactical Night Vision Monocular
Now you can easily monitor your surroundings with the versatile Nightfall Tactical Night Vision Monocular. This accessory will become a valued addition to your kit after you experience the benefits of seeing in pitch black.
Price: $438.00
Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binoculars
If you need to scout ahead and survey unknown territory do not let darkness stop you with the Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binoculars. This tactical accessory will become a valued asset to your gear when you need to explore at night.
Price: $983.00