Robes and Loungewear

The zombie apocalypse might be stressful, so make sure to get some rest and relaxation whenever possible. To that end, Zombies Playground carries a fantastic array of zombie-themed loungewear and sleepwear to help you get comfortable when a brief moment of safety arises. Our licensed Walking Dead bathrobes make an excellent option for fans of the popular AMC TV show with designs inspired by Sheriff Rick Grimes and the Dont Open Dead Inside cafeteria doors. Our zombie robes and other loungewear are crafted from soft materials like fleece, terrycloth, and cotton fabrics that feel incredibly comfortable to wear. This excellent apparel may even help you to forget that you are on the run from the undead for a few moments of your day.
Walking Dead Warning Door Robe
Inspired by the cafeteria doors seen by Rick Grimes when he awakens from his coma, the Walking Dead Warning Door Robe shows off a ragged design with your own ominous message to those who come across you before your morning coffee.
Price: $40.00
Walking Dead Rick Grimes Sheriff Robe
If your old bathrobe has finally worn out, do not let it be the end of the world! Instead, bring home the licensed Walking Dead Rick Grimes Sheriff Robe to wear when you wake up and shamble to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.
Price: $48.00