Zombie Corpse Fountain

Zombie Corpse Fountain
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What a way to begin your day, even as a zombie! This poor Zombie Corpse Fountain looks like it has just arisen from the grave, only to begin bleeding as blood drips out from its mouth and pours down its chest in an almost never-ending current. Of course, that is what this fountain is supposed to do, and the effect is rather impressive, not to mention creepy. This fountain takes the shape of a zombie from the waist up, making it look like it was either rising out of the ground or severed at the waist and cut in-half. The zombie wears a wrinkled and tattered black jacket with fringes of a white shirt visible on its chest. The statue's skin is sickly and desiccated, looking dried and stretched tightly across its face, muscles, and bones. The zombie's eyes are vivid and blue, while its mouth is open to allow blood to stream out. A long, red stain runs from the zombie's mouth to its abdomen. When activated, this fountain pumps water (for blood, just use water and red food coloring) out of the zombie's mouth and down its chest, before it is recycled and pumped through the mouth again for a continuous current. The fountain measures approximately 26.5 inches tall and includes a UL approved adaptor, which powers the fountain. For a truly eerie and frightening zombie, don't hesitate to use the Zombie Corpse Fountain, as the bleeding effect is a startling addition to an already effective zombie look that will leave onlookers shocked, startled, and all sorts of discombobulated.

Key Features:
  • Depicts a Deathly Looking Corpse
  • A Fully Functioning Fountain
  • Add Water and Red Food Coloring For Blood
  • Features a UL Approved Indoor Plug-In
  • Interior Pump Keeps Fluid Moving
  • Great for Horror Themed Events and Zombie Outbreaks

  • Measurements:
  • Height: 26.5 inches