Bug Out Bags

In the event of an emergency, such as the zombie apocalypse, you and your loved ones may have a small window of time to escape the hoard, so you will want all of the survival supplies you need in a ready to go pack. Zombies Playground carries a selection of fantastic bug out bags, also known as BOB kits, go bags, bail out bags, 72 hour kits, INCH bags, and preparedness bags, among other names. Our tactical grab bags and survival kits allow you to store evacuation and survival supplies in a portable pack. We offer concealed carry duffel bags, tactical convertipacks, and emergency kits that you can use to create your personalized kit. Do not be caught unprepared during the start of the zombie outbreak. Instead, increase your chances for survival by choosing one of the high quality bug out bags that you can find here at Zombies Playground!