Cut Off Heads

As gruesome as they are, our Cut Off Heads are some of the scariest and most terrifying decapitated visages you are likely to see. Of course, The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground offers a wide (and growing) assortment of severed heads for you to view and acquire for your own, personal use. Striking and startling in their appearance, these decapitated heads come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different looks to ensure that no matter what sort of gruesome little display you want to create, we have the head you need to make it happen. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a zombie head, a human head, or even a fresh skull, because you can find all three here. Incidentally, many of our severed heads also make for fantastic zombie trophies, especially when you consider that a zombie with its head cut off is fairly harmless (unless of course your zombies are the type that keep biting until they're brain is disabled). You'll also find a few other intriguing little items here that would have been cut off of a head, like detached ears and other visceral little items. Each decapitated head offered here is a prop only, and is made from plastic, foam, or latex (or any combination of the three). Does your zombie outbreak feel like its missing something? Is your apocalypse looking a little too "nice?" Add in a few of the Cut Off Heads from the Zombies Playground and you'll have a visceral and gruesome scene that is perfect for any zombie setting.
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Bloody Resin Skull

Item # HS-27038
No one knows what happened to the previous owner of this gory human skull, but its blood-stained state indicates a violent end! The Bloody Resin Skull shows off a realistic shape with deep eye and nasal cavities.

Bloody Scab Skull

Item # HS-27039
Unlike most skull statues you might find to use as decoration in your house, this one looks a little bit too fresh! The Bloody Scab Skull features a grotesque appearance created by its rough, scabby texture and bright red coloration.

Decapitated Head

Item # HS-27815
Do not lose your head when you spot this disturbing ornament sitting in the corner of the room! The Decapitated Head figurine depicts the grotesque-looking remains of some poor soul who met quite a grisly end.

Decapitated Zombie Head

Item # HS-27813
There are few ways to be completely sure that a zombie will not reanimate, but chopping off its head is a near-guarantee! The Decapitated Zombie Head serves as a gruesome ornament for your home with its gory appearance.

Decapitated Zombie Head

Item # SU-18683
Is that zombie head smiling, or is that just its normal, hungry expression? Maybe the Decapitated Zombie Head is smiling, although it does not seem to have much to smile about, especially since it has been removed from its body.

Resin Cranium

Item # HS-27037
Looking suspiciously like weathered and aged bone, this Resin Cranium looks like a skull that has seen quite a bit and has come away looking a little worse for the wear. Despite its appearance, this skull is still a creepy customer.

Severed Skeletal Zombie Head

Item # FM-63481
This zombie appears to have suffered a run of bad luck. Not only has the Severed Skeletal Zombie Head lost half the skin that covers its face, but it appears to have lost its body, as it is now a gruesome severed head.

Tortured Severed Head

Item # ZB-1021
Whoever is responsible for the Tortured Severed Head had great hatred for zombies, or for this person, zombie or not. The face is frozen in an expression of pain, possibly because the pain was inflicted before the head was removed.
$29.00 $26.10

Zombie Head

Item # FM-66673
Beware! Removing a zombies head might stop its body, but unless you destroy the zombies brain, this Zombie Head will continue to crave flesh. Of course, the only way that a zombie head could hurt anyone was if someone picked it up.