Fake Blood

Zombies eat people, and that's just a fact of life. And given their penchant for eating people, zombies are often covered in copious amounts of blood. Now where could an intrepid zombie fan get all that Fake Blood? Why, they could get it here, at the Zombies Playground, were we keep everything that a zombie would most-certainly love to play with! Here in our Fake Blood category, you'll find a variety of different bloods, all in different amounts, consistencies, and even colors! Why? Because blood isn't just blood. Zombie blood is different from human blood, which is why we offer both fake zombie blood and fake human blood, in varying amounts. And even human blood can behave differently, depending on time and coagulation, so we offer different types of blood for different situations. Need lots of blood for runny arterial spray? Check. Need blood that dries and congeals? We got that. Need a gallon of the red stuff to create a massacre scene? Look here. Need small blood capsules so that your mouth and lips can be stained with the blood of a fresh kill? Yep, we have that too. The moral of this story is that zombies and blood go together like salt and pepper, and any time you need any amount of blood, be it human or zombie, you should look at the Fake Blood you can find here at the Zombies Playground.
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Blood Capsules

Item # FM-17100
These Blood Capsules are the perfect touch of real blood color that any gory zombie costume or survivor look will need when the zombie apocalypse hits! Each capsule is filled with harmless red coloring that looks like real blood.

Blood Capsules - 10pcs

Item # MCI-2260
Little bits of blood can make a costume or a scene all the more real. For the LARPer who wants things to look really authentic, nothing beats sticking a few of these Blood Capsules in your pack to use whenever you want.

Blood Scab Make-Up

Item # FM-61553
With some of the Blood Scab Make-Up, a fresh, bloody wound that has scabbed over is mere moments away! This make-up is the perfect way to apply a dried blood look without having to wait for any fake blood you have to dry up.

Extra Thick Vampire Blood Gel

Item # FM-13223
If you want to look like a realistic vampire, make sure you add all the right details. Blood is a great addition to any vampire look. If you want that blood to stick and ooze properly, make sure you use Extra Thick Vampire Blood Gel.

Fake Blood

Item # FM-17123
There is no better way to convince someone that you are hurt than to apply Fake Blood. Whether you are using it to create a realistic looking injury or simulate a life-threatening zombie attack, this blood will do the trick.

FX Blood

Item # CM-BL006
There is no denying that this FX Blood is just what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor wanted a blood substitute that happens to look like the real thing. This blood is skin-safe, long-lasting, and water soluble.

FX Blood Gel

Item # CM-BL003
Where do blood and blood gel differ? Whereas blood is free-flowing and thin, this FX Blood Gel is a thick, gooey substance that is similar in nature to coagulated blood. This imitation blood does not run or drip.

Gallon Of Blood

Item # FM-65368
When the blood needs to flow freely, make sure you have this Gallon of Blood handy. With a Gallon of Blood close at hand, you will have all the blood you need to create oozing wounds, zombie victims, the walking dead, and attack scenes.

Liquid Blood Capsules

Item # FM-13996
At the risk of sounding morbid, sometimes a costume needs wet, bloody detail to really make it terrifying and impressive. To mimic blood, turn to the Liquid Blood Capsules, which give you the look and feel of real blood!

Pint Of Blood

Item # FM-58325
There is so much that can be done with a Pint of Blood that looks this realistic. It dribbles and flows like the real thing and leaves behind crimson smears and stains to inspire a sense of dread that only a fresh trail of blood can.

Pint of Zombie Black Blood

Item # FM-66736
Whether you are decorating a zombie horde or creating the scene of a zombie attack, the only constant is that you will need a lot of blood. A Pint of Zombie Black Blood ensures that you do not have to skimp on the bloody details.

Test Tube of Horror Blood

Item # FM-61048
This Test Tube of Horror Blood could make for a disturbing prop all on its own, never mind that it is filled with fake blood that can be smeared, spilled, and stained across your skin and costume to create a blood spattered look.