Gas Masks

Anyone who thinks that a gas mask is useless during a zombie outbreak has obviously never dealt with a zombie born from airborne toxins. The usefulness of a Gas Mask cannot be overstated, and so the Zombies Playground makes sure to keep more than a few on-hand. Here, in this category, you'll find a variety of intriguing and interesting gas masks, all geared towards helping to keep you alive. Some of the gas masks you'll find in this section are for appearance only, which makes them a great training tool to get used to the weight and feel of a gas mask. A good non-functional gas mask is also a great resource to draw on whenever you're running realistic drills and zombie outbreak games with your friends and allies, as well. And because some of our gas masks offer full-face coverage, they're a great way to mask your identity and create an impressive and mysterious appearance for any survivors you meet that don't recognize your clothing or your voice. Virtually all of our gas masks are modeled after realistic models or working concepts. Some are made from heavy duty materials and others are made from lightweight polymers. All feature a similar rugged, survival-oriented look that is perfect for hard-core zombie survivors (as well as any members of the CDC that might show up to "study" and "contain" the outbreak). When you're dealing with zombies, you don't always have the luxury of knowing how they were created. And if it happens to be an air borne toxin then it's better to just not take the chance, so make sure you visit the Zombies Playground and pick up one of our Gas Masks today!
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Kraken Warfare Costume Mask

Item # HS-26573
Fallen victim to a new form of biological threat, this unfortunate soul now serves as a nightmarish warning to others. The Kraken Warfare Costume Mask displays a vintage gas mask that failed to protect its wearer from the true danger.

M3A1 Costume Gas Mask

Item # HS-26557
Inspired by protective gear worn during the Second World War, the M3A1 Costume Gas Mask features a simulated respirator, round eyes covered in mesh, and other vintage details that make it a fantastic option for Halloween.

M3A1 Steampunk Costume Gas Mask

Item # HS-26558
This WW2 gas mask takes inspiration from the vintage industrial style of the Neo-Victorian genre. The M3A1 Steampunk Costume Gas Mask features a simulated respirator, round eyes covered in mesh, and other retro details.

Nuke Skull Mask

Item # HS-26331
As if the threat of imminent zombie attack was not bad enough, now we have to deal with radioactivity? The Nuke Skull Mask is a perfect fusion between the bones of a human skull and the filtration apparatus of a gas mask.
$39.42 $35.48

Survival Gas Mask

Item # SU-17790-2
At the end of the world, a gas mask is almost a necessary accessory that will keep you breathing easy while filtering your air. Rest assured that while wearing the Survival Gas Mask, you will not have to worry any toxins or gases.

Toxic Zombie Costume Mask

Item # HS-26508
This zombie could be patient 0 of the zombie outbreak, exposed to some combination of chemicals and radiation in a freak accident. The Toxic Zombie Costume Mask displays a member of the undead wearing a shattered biohazard helmet.