LARP Weapons

Here at Zombies Playground, we pride ourselves on providing the widest assortment of weapons possible, all so that you can be totally prepared for any level of zombie attack. If you are practicing for a zombie attack or putting together your own zombie games, then real weapon and plastic weapons are unsuitable. What you will want are some of our great LARP weapons! LARP stands for live action role play and is best defined as a group of like-minded individuals getting together to play out a fantasy or fictional scene that generally involves combat of some sort. It comes in various styles or flavors, ranging from medieval and pure fantasy to modern and post-apocalyptic. Here, we cater more towards those with a more modern flare and beyond, as these are some of the most common settings were one will find zombies. What sets our LARP weapons apart from our other weapons is that unlike our plastic weapons, our LARP weapons are made to such standards that can readily be used in combat-like situations. This means you can battle without fearing that the weapon will shred or break in your hands, as well as the comfort in knowing that the weapon is soft enough to use on others without potentially hurting them! All of our LARP weapons are approved for use and are made from an amalgam of materials, although the most common combination is heavy duty foam, silicone skin, and a fiberglass core. Here we offer a few different categories of weapons and tools, to best help you find the zombie LARP gear for you! Within, you will find all manner of weapons, ranging from conventional arms like knives, swords, and spears that are obviously made for battle, as well as improvised weapons that depict things like sledge hammers and wrenches, tools that were once for mundane tasks but have proven to be quite effective for use against a zombified foe! We also offer a few defensive tools too, to help keep you safe in a zombie LARP! So if you are looking for something to train with or something to use in your next simulated battle against the undead, you will want to check out our LARP Weapons, because you are bound to find the ideal weapon right here at Zombies Playground.
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LARP Ripper Chainsword

Item # MCI-3476
Chainsaws are great for devastating zombies at close range. Ideal for post-apocalyptic and zombie-themed settings, the LARP Ripper Chainsword takes the familiar chainsaw blade and gives it new life as a unique sword style weapon.

LARP Sewer Shield - Dark Moon Collection

Item # MCI-2879
The Sewer Shield is a detailed shield made to look just like a man hole cover, perfect for futuristic LARPs. It makes a great character accessory or prop. The shield has a handle and an adjustable arm strap on the back.

LARP Sledge Hammer

Item # NP-G-BL119
Break down your enemies or the walls that separate you with our LARP Sledge Hammer. Crafted from latex foam with a fiberglass fusion core, this sledge hammer is a durable and lightweight option for overcoming any obstacle.

LARP Sledge Hammer - Dark Moon Collection

Item # MCI-2867
The Dark Moon Sledge Hammer is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. The Sledge Hammer is perfect for futuristic LARPs and makes a great character accessory or prop.

LARP Tonfa - Dark Moon Collection

Item # MCI-2871
The Dark Moon Tonfa is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. This item features a round, flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

LARP Wrench No. 1 - Dark Moon Collection

Item # MCI-2863
The Dark Moon Wrench is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. This item is coreless. The Wrench is realistically painted to look like an actual wrench with a dark silver finish.

Latin American LARP Machete

Item # WRBL19
A staple in the Latin American lifestyle, machetes are used throughout Latin America for all things from exploring jungles to revolutions. You can fight like a revolutionary in your next LARP battle with the Latin American LARP Machete.

Neo LARP Lead Pipe

Item # CL-104
Nothing quite stands up to the strength and durability of a lead pipe. Now, you join in the fight to survive the zombicalypse, you can arm yourself with the Neo LARP Lead Pipe, to ensure that when you hit your foes, you hit them hard.

Rawal Gurkass Kukri

Item # CL-61
Throughout the centuries, since Bappa Rawal, the first Gurkha, received his from Guru Gorkhanath, the kukri has been an ever present element in our lives and on our battlefields. Countless invaders fell under its heavy blade.

Red Foam Samurai Katana

Item # NP-G-BL014
A weapon of antique beauty made safe through a modern foam construction, the Red Foam Samurai Katana is based on the traditional samurai blades of ancient Japan. This foam sword is ideal for costumes, cosplay, or play fighting.

Ripley LARP Throwing Knife

Item # CL-197
After the apocalypse, your best friend will be your knife. The Ripley LARP Throwing Knife will help you to face off against zombies, horrible mutants, or pillagers with great success, making it a superb survival blade.

Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat

Item # CL-203
When you hear strange noises in the night, having the Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat on hand is sure to provide some reassurance to your nerves. This nifty bat serves as a great modern roleplaying weapon for urban warfare.