Legs & Feet

During a zombie apocalypse, its not unheard of to find bits and pieces of bodies just lying around as remnants of humans that have been overwhelmed and devoured. And here in The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground, we're happy to provide you with all the Legs and Feet you need to create such a frightening scene. Using one of these impressive props, you can give new meaning to the phrase "one foot in the grave." Of course, at The Butcher Shop, we don't discriminate, so we offer both human and zombie legs and feet of varying sizes and lengths. We offer human feet that are cut off at the ankle, at the knee, and at the upper thigh. You can even get severed feet and legs served up on little white trays, just like you would at a typical butcher's shop. Our zombie limbs come in a variety of unpleasant hues, ranging from rotting browns to classic blues, in order to suit whatever type of zombie you happen to prefer. Each severed limb offered here is a prop only, and is made from plastic, foam, or latex (or any combination of the three). Toss them about to create a true massacre scene, or just let your walking dead carry our severed Legs and Feet, for use as a weapon or so that they always happen to have a snack, close at hand.

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Bag of Zombie Limbs

Item # FM-66521
Why anyone would go to the trouble of gathering a bunch of severed zombie limbs into a bag during a zombie apocalypse is anyones guess. But it was done, and now you can use the Bag of Zombie Limbs to suit your own horrific needs.

Hanging Bloody Foot

Item # FM-63053
A Hanging Bloody Foot is a great way to add a sort of macabre sense of ambiance to any location. It brings up too many questions and delivers absolutely no answers. Why is the foot chained up? Did it belong to a zombie or a survivor?

Severed Biohazard Zombie Foot

Item # FM-68666
In a zombie outbreak, you will find regular zombie limbs scattered about as signs of battles and massacres long past. Once the zombies are contaminated, you might find appendages like this Severed Biohazard Zombie Foot, instead.

Severed Bloody Leg

Item # FM-62658
If there was ever a treat made for the hordes of the walking dead, it had to be this Bloody Severed Leg. This grisly shank of meat is a human leg that has been butchered and served up on a white tray for zombie consumption.

Severed Foot

Item # SU-N0505
Nobody just stumbles upon a Severed Foot while walking on a normal day (and if you do, then it is no longer a normal day). Typically, severed limbs are only found whenever someone, or something, dangerous is on the loose.

Severed Leg

Item # SU-N0528
Do not get all tripped up over something as minor as a Severed Leg. Actually, that is something to take notice of, whether it happens to be your own or anothers. Severed legs are not common, and finding one is likely a bad sign.

Severed Zombie Foot

Item # FM-66671
The Severed Zombie Foot is a shocking, morbid piece that is perfect for adding a level of disturbing realism to your zombie outbreak. With its gruesome appearance and lifelike size, this prop will jolt everyone that stumbles on it.

Severed Zombie Leg

Item # FM-65998
It is a rare, but not altogether unheard of occurrence to see a zombie wielding a weapon. It would be quite the sight to see a zombie wielding a Severed Zombie Leg, instead of something conventional and more dangerous.
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