Military Costumes

If you are putting together the look of a zombie survivor or perhaps the outfit of someone who fights back against the zombie horde, our military costumes section is a great place to find the costume for you. Here we carry military costume clothing that will help you get a tactical or survival look for your next zombie walk, Halloween event, or cosplay. We offer military costume items for adults and kids here. Our military costume clothing includes camo pants, costume combat vests, costume combat boots, and more. Easily achieve a survivalist or military look with all our military and army costume items. We have military costume clothing for men, women, and children here.
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Army Green Costume Combat Helmet

Item # FM-66568
No good soldier would ever march into enemy territory without a combat helmet. Zombie survivors can learn a lesson from this and only advance towards a zombie horde when protected by an Army Green Costume Combat Helmet.

Camouflage Combat Jacket

Item # FM-66132
Military garb tends to be more tactically sound than casual clothing, and military-inspired clothing has a tactical edge. Nothing demonstrates that quasi-tactical bent quite as well as this Camouflage Combat Jacket.

Camouflage Patrol Cap

Item # FM-66137
This Camouflage Patrol Cap is styled similarly to the patrol caps worn by many members of the armed forces. Once the zombies rise, these hats will only become more common as survivors begin to dress in a more tactical way.

Camouflaged Combat Boonie Hat

Item # FM-66138
It is not so strange that when zombies rise, people start trying to get their hands on military-grade items. This Camouflaged Combat Boonie Hat is a replica of the boonie hat that many soldiers prefer and wear even today.

Men's Camouflage Pants

Item # FM-66131
Do you have a good pair of survival pants? This is a question to ask if you suspect that zombies will be rising in your area. If the answer is no, do not worry, because in a pinch, these Mens Camouflage Pants will do the trick.

Olive Drab Combat Vest

Item # FM-66578
Pockets are a very good thing, especially when you are in a situation that requires you to have easy access to items that you carry on your person. In those situations, you will be glad you are wearing this Olive Drab Combat Vest.

Plus Size Camouflage Combat Jacket

Item # FM-66659
Military garb tends to be more tactically sound than casual clothing. Even military-inspired clothing has something of a tactical edge. Nothing demonstrates that quasi-tactical bent as well as the Plus Size Camouflage Combat Jacket.