Military Long Sleeve Shirts

If you find your wardrobe unfavorably stale in a manner reminiscent of a reanimated corpse, our Military Long Sleeve Shirts here at Zombies Playground are sure to put some spirit back into your style. Featuring quintessentially American graphics, logos, symbols, and mottos, these long sleeve shirts are perfect for layering with when faced with colder climes, and show not only support for the various United States Armed Forces but a citizens pride in the USA as well. Many of these long sleeve shirts are decorated with the symbols, mascots, and mottos of the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and more. Others pay homage to those who have pledged to serve their country, both past and present. Some of our shirts are particularly suited for specific holidays, like the Fourth of July or Veterans Day, but they can all be worn any day of the year to display your patriotism in style.

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Dont Tread On Me Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Item # ER-MM103BLS
With its tail curved upwards and its fanged jaw open, the rattlesnake delivers its final warning. With striking detail, the Dont Tread On Me Black Long Sleeve Shirt displays this historic American symbol on both its front and back.
$27.50 $24.75

Established 1775 Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Item # ZB-2018
Do not let chilly weather stop you from showing your love of the armed forces with the stylish Established 1775 Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Combining comfort and pride this long sleeve shirt is ready to go where ever you want to go.
$32.00 $28.80

Green Army Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Item # ZB-2015
If your morning PT starts to get a little chilly then layer up with the classic Green Army Long Sleeve T-Shirt. This reliable and comfortable shirt is ready for any real life or training scenario you can put it through.
$32.00 $28.80

Second Amendment Eagle Silver Foil Long Sleeve Shirt

Item # ER-RN2192LS
With its vintage style graphics and outstanding, metallic foil details, wear the Second Amendment Eagle Silver Foil Long Sleeve Shirt to stylishly show off your pride as an American and your constitutional right to bear arms.
$30.50 $27.45