Military Statues & Decor

Zombies Playground carries a selection of military statues and decor that depict modern soldiers and soldiers from history. These high quality cast bronze soldier statues are made with phenomenal attention to detail, many finished by hand. These statues show soldiers of all sorts holding weapons as though in combat. We even carry soldier statues based on the forces that fought in World War I and World War II. If you have an interest in military history or want to honor a loved one who has served or currently serves their country, our military statues and decor is a fantastic place to find your next piece of home decor.
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Bleeding Heart Zombie Button

Item # AT-81654
Feast your decomposing eyes on the delightful selections before you. Which does your undead soul desire, do you prefer a beating heart or an active brain? Show undying devotion to the heart with the Bleeding Heart Zombie Button.
$1.00 $0.90

Bloody Brains Zombie Button

Item # AT-81652
The living human body contains a fine assortment of organs. Sometimes it is difficult for the hungry zombie to decide what to enjoy first. Show your undead preference for a brilliant mind with the Bloody Brains Zombie Button.
$1.00 $0.90

Grenade Toss WWII Soldier Statue

Item # SC8788
The advent of explosives in warfare forever changed the way we do battle. The invention of the grenade allowed soldiers to take out multiple enemies at once without special training. The Grenade Toss WWII Soldier Statue depicts its use.

Infantry Soldier Statue

Item # SC8615
From head to toe, including the gun he holds ready in his hands, this soldier is prepared for battle. Made of high quality cold cast resin, the Infantry Soldier Statue displays a modern soldier with incredible attention to detail.

Jet Fighter Pilot Statue

Item # SC8691
With his helmet under one arm and a bag in the other, this solemn pilot stands, for the time being, on solid ground. The Jet Fighter Pilot Statue depicts this uniformed member of the Armed Forces with a remarkable level of detail.

Kneeling Soldier Statue

Item # CC11662
With his eye to the scope, this soldier prepares to take the shot. The Kneeling Soldier Statue depicts this modern military man with extreme detail, from the marks on his helmet all the way down to the dirt-like texture of the base.

Navy Seal Aiming Statue

Item # SC8614
Looking down the scope of his gun, the Navy Seal prepares to fire at the enemy. The Navy Seal Aiming Statue depicts this modern soldier in fantastic detail, revealing every intricate element of his tactical outfit in cold cast resin.

Navy Seal Statue

Item # SC8086
Able to fight on any terrain, an elite group is wonderfully represented with the Navy Seal Statue. You can rest comfortably at night knowing that brave soldiers are willing to fight in any environment to protect our freedoms.

Night Mission Statue

Item # SC8081
Through cover of darkness, a soldier must be prepared to successfully engage any opponent or situation. Commemorate the duty of those valiant soldiers who thrive within the darkness with the stunning Night Mission Statue.

On Guard Soldier Statue

Item # SC8617
Alert to his surroundings and at the ready, the soldier keeps watch to protect his comrades. The On Guard Soldier Statue depicts this modern soldier dressed for combat in excellent detail and crafted from high quality cold cast resin.

On the Move Statue

Item # SC8082
In the field, orders can quickly change, and a soldier must be prepared to react at a moments notice. The On the Move Statue captures this idea and creates a stunning model of a battle ready warrior who can adapt to any scenario.

Paratrooper Statue

Item # SC8087
Show your pride for the armed forces with the Paratrooper Statue. This figurine captures the portrait of brave soldiers that specializes in parachuting into hostile environments and bringing justice to oppressed territories.