Plastic Weapons

Unless you know that you're going to be facing and attacking real zombies, any time you stage a zombie outbreak, it's probably best to consider using the Plastic Weapons from the Zombies Playground. What they lack in working blades and parts, they more than make up for with incredibly detailed appearances. Being much safer than real weapons, you aren't likely to run into many accidental injuries (much less, heaven forbid, accidental fatalities) whenever all your human survivors and undead zombies are wielding plastic weapons. These plastic weapons can be put to a wide assortment of different uses, serving best as props for costumes, productions, and other events where their appearance can and will be admired, while their performance as a working weapon will remain untested. You'll find a variety of different weapons in this category, ranging from proven zombie killers like axes, machetes, and knives, to other mundane tools like farm implements, all the day down to more impressive and visceral weapons like chainsaws. As many of these weapons are made from molded plastic or other stiff, hard materials, they are designed to look great but lack the strength to function as a working weapon. That's just as well, though, because many of these Plastic weapons just as great in the hands of flesh-hungry zombies as they do in the hands of still-living survivors, and a working weapon in the hands of a zombie is any living human's worst nightmare.
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Bloody Axe

Item # FM-63060
There is a reason that the axe has been a favored close combat weapon for hundreds of centuries, and the Bloody Axe is not any different. The life-sized hand axe has a rustic, bloody look that makes it perfect for dispatching a zombie.

Bloody Carving Knife Prop

Item # RC-1053
A staple of the horror genre, this large gory knife makes a fantastic accent to any creepy look. The Bloody Carving Knife Prop displays a realistic appearance that makes the spattered blood even more disturbing to see.

Bloody Cleaver

Item # FM-63058
Ah, a good old meat cleaver. Until a knife is produced that is as common as a kitchen knife yet can split a zombie skull in a single strike, this Bloody Cleaver is likely to remain a standard in zombie killing for years to come.

Bloody Knife

Item # FM-63057
The average, everyday kitchen knife is the most common knife among the populace. These sharp cooking implements can also double as effective zombie killing weapons, as you can see by looking at this Bloody Knife.

Bloody Sickle

Item # FM-63059
If you can believe it, the sickle was once a simple farming implement that was used for harvesting grain. Of course, as the Bloody Sickle shows, the heavy curve and the sharp edge make the sickle a wickedly effective weapon, as well.

Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver

Item # RC-59048
The perfect costume accessory for demented doctors, evil morticians, and any other psychotic madman, the Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver adds a dramatic element of horror to any scary and deranged character this Halloween.

Negans Bat Lucille Prop

Item # TR-TTAMC127
This licensed Negans Bat Lucille Prop is a carefully modeled accessory based on the most famous weapon from The Walking Dead universe. The incredibly realistic prop is made from polyurethane foam for a great screen used look and feel.

Realistic Hypodermic Needle

Item # FM-60178
Do you remember your last shot when the doctor said that this will not hurt a bit? When this Realistic Hypodermic Needle is involved, you cannot say that, because it looks like it is going to hurt and quite a bit at that.

Rick Grimes Machete Prop

Item # TR-TTAMC114
Carl! You will definitely be able to protect him at your next costume party with this licensed Rick Grimes Machete Prop. This amazing prop made from high quality polyurethane looks like real stainless steel with wood finished hilt.