Real Axes & Hatchets

There is a reason why the axe is a top-tier zombie killer when it comes to weapons. And no matter its size, you can rest assured that every Real Axe and Hatchet that you get from the Zombies Playground is a rugged and reliable tool and weapon that can be used just as easily for battle as it can for survival. But why, exactly, is the axe such a wonderful tool when it comes to survival? And what makes it appropriate for zombie-slaying? Axes can be used for cutting, carving, and shaping wood, and when it comes to survival, crafting and fending for yourself are key concepts. The axe shines as a zombie slayer thanks to a combination of mass and force, as the heavy, weighted head with a wide swing makes decapitations easier, and even an errant swing can crumple a zombie by shear force and momentum alone. Of course axes come in all shapes and sizes, and you'll find many of them here. Survival axes, tomahawks, hatchets, and cruiser axes are smaller and perfect for traveling, especially when loads and packs need to be light, whereas wood axes are full-sized axes that are perfect for felling trees and zombies alike. Each of the axes featured here at the Zombies Playground are made from quality materials, including high-grade steel and other metals to ensure that they will perform reliably for many years, so long as they are properly maintained. Whether its zombies, disaster, or even personal preference that encourages you to abandon civilization for the wilderness (even for a short time), you couldn't ask for more than one of these Real Axes and Hatchets to be hanging at your side, ready and waiting for any sort of use.
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Bearded Black Tactical Axe

Item # MC-MT-AXE11B
When you are looking for a wide cutting blade and modern style, this Bearded Black Tactical Axe is an excellent choice. Blending Viking era lines with modern materials, this hand axe will work equally well for camping or defense.

Bearded Survival Hand-Axe

Item # MC-MT-AXE4
When zombies rise, keeping your kit light is of the utmost importance. You want survival tools that perform many tasks to help keep you light and mobile. This Bearded Survival Hand-Axe is one tool with a high level of versatility.

Bearded War Hawk

Item # 07-90PTWH
The Bearded War Hawk blends elements of the classic fighting axes of old with modern innovations to create a truly capable tool. This functional tomahawk features a wide, bearded head and a reinforced, curved reverse tanto spike.
$72.00 $57.60

Black Legion Long Axe

Item # BK-BV116
A wise man once said that you cannot beat the classics. The Black Legion Long Axe recreates the iconic fire axe in tactical black, resulting in a hefty and hardy weapon that is fully capable of handling virtually any task.

Black Paracord Tactical Battle Axe

Item # NP-XBK01
If you prefer a dystopian setting or relish the thought of hacking apart a zombie horde, this Black Paracord Tactical Battle Axe belongs in your arsenal of urban survival gear. This bearded axe comes in handy during an apocalypse.

Black Steel Combat Hand-Axe

Item # MC-MT-628
The axe is a quintessential zombie-killer, and an axe of any size remains a solid choice for the survivor to turn to. This Black Steel Combat Hand-Axe is a side-arm and multi-tool, serving the survivor in a variety of roles.

Black Steel Tactical Hand-Axe

Item # MC-MT-629
The axe is a quintessential zombie-killer, and an axe of any size remains a solid choice for the survivor to turn to. This Black Steel Tactical Hand-Axe is a side-arm and multi-tool, serving the survivor in a variety of roles.

Black Steel Zombie Hand Axe

Item # MC-ZB-AXE7
When the zombies rise, you will want to have the right tools on hand for fighting the undead and surviving on the run. The Black Steel Zombie Hand Axe makes a great option with its zombie-themed coloration and quality construction.

Black Survival Hammer Axe

Item # MC-MT-AXE14
Getting down to business is inevitable whenever you hold this top notch tactical axe in your hand. The Black Survival Hammer Axe serves as a multi-function tool, displaying a 6 centimeter ruler along the top of the head.

Black Tactical Battle Axe

For all of your chopping and hacking projects, this Black Tactical Battle Axe is an optimal choice. Making your way through the outback or adding to your home arsenal, you will have excellent function in a stylish matte black finish.

Black Zombie Hunter Axe

Item # MC-ZB-038BK
When you want a weapon that will stand out from other zombie apocalypse blades, the Black Zombie Hunter Axe makes a great choice. This black stainless steel axe features a curved blade, gut hook, and serrated back.

Bullseye Tomahawk Axe

Item # ZS-203258
The Bullseye Tomahawk Axe is perfect for practicing your throwing skills. This lightweight throwing axe has a hand forged, carbon steel head with a sleek black finish with silver edges. The axe head is attached to a wooden handle.
$13.90 $12.51