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No-one really wants to get up-close and personal with a zombie, but it does happen. And when it does, it is far better to be equipped a blade from the Zombie Playground's Real Knives and Daggers section, so that you know your knife will stand up the rigors of battle. Each of these knives has been crafted and made with survival in mind, which means that each knife you see here in this category is a rugged and rough blade that is made to last. And don't think for a second that "knife" and "dagger" indicates that every blade you see here is short, because that is the farthest thing from the truth. In this category, you will find short little survival knives that are perfect for a variety of camping and survival tasks, the least of which is likely keeping you safe from a zombie. You'll also, however, find larger knives that are more suited for use in combat, like the bolo knives from the Philippines, the infamous kukri blades of Nepalese origin, and the bowie knives of American design. The only thing you'll find in common between these knives is the strength of construction, in that every blade here, big and small, is made to withstand use (please note that all knives, survival and combat, need regular maintenance, whether used or not). There's absolutely no reason to not carry a blade from the Zombie Playground's Real Knives and Daggers Section, especially when you consider how effective and useful even the smallest of these blades can really be.
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11 Inch Combat Cleaver Knife

Item # ZS-211224
When you need a workhorse blade for processing deer or other game into manageable pieces for the freezer or grill, this 11 Inch Combat Cleaver Knife is an excellent choice. The nonreflective blade is also great for stealth maneuvers.
$9.50 $8.55

17 Inch Stainless Steel Kukri

Item # ZS-203247-17
The kukri or khukuri, originally a utility and ceremonial blade, has become a national symbol of Nepal and the fierce Gurkha warriors. This 17 Inch Stainless Steel Kukri displays the traditional curved shape of this formidable weapon.
$23.90 $21.51

1880 Bowie Knife

Item # 402580
The bowie knife might have been a purely American-made knife, but that does not mean that it did not spread to the rest of the world. This 1180 Bowie Knife is modeled after an English-produced bowie knife that was made for U.S. trade.

1917 Frontier Bowie Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88CSAB
Exquisitely crafted to emulate the designs of bowie knives used by frontiersman, the 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife by Cold Steel is a beautiful battle-ready blade which is well suited for anything from camping to historical reenactments.
$200.00 $160.00

1917 US Trench Knife

Item # 420007
Close combat weapons such as the 1917 US Trench Knife proved their worth on the WWI battlefield. A replica of an existing original, this blade allows the collector or re-enactor to own a piece of history at a fraction of the price.

1918 Trench Knife

Item # MC-HK-26115
The trenches of WWI birthed some of the most brutal combat in recent history. You can now get a small piece of that with the 1918 Trench Knife, which is modeled after the close quarters combat knives of the era.

3V Recon Tanto by Cold Steel

Item # 07-13QRTK
A favorite among military personnel and SWAT teams, the 3V Recon Tanto is a strong blade great for piercing tough surfaces. This stylish weapon has a sleek, tactical design and a textured handle that provides sturdiness to your grip.
$265.00 $212.00

3V SRK by Cold Steel

Item # 07-38CKC
Designed with the demands of survival and rescue operations in mind, the 3V SRK is a versatile knife able to withstand even the most extreme conditions. This is a tough multipurpose survival tool that you can trust your life with.
$255.00 $204.00

Afghan Choora Knife

Item # 404247
The Afghan Choora Knife is based on the large, utilitarian blades used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass. It is also similar to a model of dagger used by the Afghan fighters against the Russians. Its design is simple and effective.

Aggressor Black Tactical Knife

Item # KK0013
Special service units have strict requirements for their tactical weapons. The Aggressor Black Tactical Knife surpasses these requirements, making it a reliable survival knife that is fit to withstand your most extreme situations.

AK-47 Field Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-14AKVG
A perfect companion for todays modern military personnel, the AK-47 Field Knife is a strong and sturdy weapon that can stand up to any task. Tried and true, this is one knife that does not know the meaning of the word failure.
$295.00 $236.00

Angel of Death Zombie Blade

Item # ZH-016
A wicked looking weapon, the Angel of Death Zombie Blade will make anyone look like the latest incarnation of the Grim Reaper. The unique knuckle duster design features long, slightly curved blades extending from each side.
$49.95 $44.96