Real Machetes

The machete is basically a modern-day sword, featuring a long blade that is designed for cutting. At the Zombies Playground, we feel that it is this simple approach that makes the machete one of the finer zombie killing weapons on the market, which is why we offer a number of them in our Real Machetes category. Of course, the machete makes for an outstanding tool when clearing away brush or cutting down vegetation, but why, exactly, is it such a great anti-zombie weapon? For starters, the machete's longer length allows for a kill to be made from further away, while its longer blade makes cutting so much easier than, say, an axe with its much smaller edge. Of further benefit is the fact that machetes are easy to carry, easy to maintain, and easy to use, which are all things that a zombie-survivor would want in a weapon. We carry a variety of different machetes with varying blade styles and finishes, ranging from machetes with heavy, chopping blades to thinner, more nimble machetes that possess both reach and grace. Each and every one of our machetes is made for survival, which means that they're made from quality materials that are designed and tested to withstand the rigors of use (please note that every machete needs to be cared for and maintained, whether used against zombies, used against plants, or not used at all). Of course, the visceral aspect of the machete, getting in close and felling your foes with your own hands, is also rather appealing on some level. So the next time you feel that a zombie outbreak is imminent, make sure you have one of our Real Machetes close at-hand so that you can swiftly and efficiently deal with any zombie threats you might encounter.
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All Terrain Chopper Machete

Item # 07-97TMSTS
This All Terrain Chopper Machete is a cleaver that has to be seen to be believed. Cutting power is what this blade packs, and it will easily scythe through any opposition you might face in the field, making it a great addition to any kit.
$44.00 $35.20

Americanized Tanto Machete

Item # 07-97BTMZ
While the adapted tanto machete design is primarily recognized for its use in combat and other tasks that require a strong piercing point, the Americanized Tanto Machete also serves well as a multi-purpose bush craft blade.
$34.00 $27.20

Barong Machete

Item # 07-97BAM18S
Both an agricultural tool and weapon, the Barong Machete is based on a knife native to the Philippines, where it is used by farmers in the fields and wielded by martial artists. And now, it can serve in both capacities for you, too.
$40.00 $32.00

Battle Worn Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1327
The Battle Worn Bush Machete is designed to master the daily cutting and chopping tasks of wilderness survival. This all-purpose blade allows the modern explorer to leave behind the daily grind and enjoy Mother Nature at her fullest.

Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1309
The strength and durability of the Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete come in handy when traveling through a dystopian world. A viral outbreak may have weeded out the majority of humanity but thick foliage and zombie hordes still remain.

Biohazard Serrated Cleaver Machete

Item # NP-H-1372
With the Biohazard Serrated Cleaver Machete in hand, the skilled survivor can clear a path through thick shrubbery or trim down an undead horde. Its powerful blade offers everyday utility and raises post-apocalyptic survival odds.

Biohazard Zombie Survival Machete

Item # NP-H-1307
Do not waste time waiting for the horde to ramble down the road, create your own path with the Biohazard Zombie Survival Machete. The wide, stout blade is just as good at piercing undead flesh as it is for clearing thick vegetation.

Black Bear Bowie Machete by Cold Steel

Item # 07-97SMBWZ
Featuring an unusual and eye-catching tactical look for a machete, the Black Bear Bowie Machete is a tool that is strong enough to chop through small vines and saplings, clear brush, and perform suitably in survival situations.
$36.00 $28.80

Black Flame Machete

Item # NP-H-1336
With the look of a bright flame decorating its curvy blade, the Black Flame Machete makes a striking addition to any arsenal. Made of stainless steel, this decorative weapon comes with a nylon sheath for easy carrying and storage.

Black Jungle Cleaver Machete

Item # MC-JM-034
Especially when you need an outdoor blade for yard work or other tasks, make sure to find one suited for work. The Black Jungle Cleaver Machete makes a great tool for clearing woody brush and stalks with its hefty, blunt-tipped blade.

Black Jungle Master Machete

Item # MC-JM-032BK
With its distinctive shape and sleek design, the Black Jungle Master Machete is the tool you need for chopping through the tangle of vegetation that is the jungle. It is the perfect weapon with which to master your environment.

Black Kukri Machete

Item # ZS-926823-BK
With a design that is more sleek and streamlined than its predecessor, this Black Kukri Machete comes off more as a small sword, although it lacks none of the effectiveness that made the original one of the best knives for cutting.
$17.90 $16.11