Real Throwing Weapons

With a steady hand and a little bit of practice, any one of the Real Throwing Weapons found at the Zombies Playground could be transformed into a lethal missile capable of piercing a zombie's skull and ending its miserable, undead existence, and all without risking life or limb at a closer range. Exceptionally well-balanced, each of these throwing knives is made so that its center of balance is situated closer to the tip, ensuring that when thrown, the blade is predisposed to land point first. A typical throwing knife is usually made from a single piece of metal, and many of these throwing knives do not differ from this trend. Each of these throwing knives features a simple handle on one end for balance and effective gripping, as well as a razor-sharp point on the other end that will effectively slice through a variety of materials when thrown, including zombie flesh. There's no greater feeling of delivering one of these Real Throwing Weapons into the skull of a zombie and watching the undead horror hit the ground, never to move again. And of course, one final benefit to using throwing weapons effectively is that under good circumstances, you can also retrieve the thrown projectile and use it again and again, on every zombie you encounter!