Real Throwing Weapons

With a steady hand and a little bit of practice, any one of the Real Throwing Weapons found at the Zombies Playground could be transformed into a lethal missile capable of piercing a zombie's skull and ending its miserable, undead existence, and all without risking life or limb at a closer range. Exceptionally well-balanced, each of these throwing knives is made so that its center of balance is situated closer to the tip, ensuring that when thrown, the blade is predisposed to land point first. A typical throwing knife is usually made from a single piece of metal, and many of these throwing knives do not differ from this trend. Each of these throwing knives features a simple handle on one end for balance and effective gripping, as well as a razor-sharp point on the other end that will effectively slice through a variety of materials when thrown, including zombie flesh. There's no greater feeling of delivering one of these Real Throwing Weapons into the skull of a zombie and watching the undead horror hit the ground, never to move again. And of course, one final benefit to using throwing weapons effectively is that under good circumstances, you can also retrieve the thrown projectile and use it again and again, on every zombie you encounter!
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6 Piece Kunai Set

Item # ZS-203334
An iconic Japanese tool commonly associated with ninjas in popular culture, kunai make a great option for stealth attacks. The 6 Piece Kunai Set includes six blades with a matte black finish, each ending in a loop.
$15.90 $14.31

Arrow Throwing Knife Set

Item # ZS-203232
Each knife in the Arrow Throwing Knife Set is completely made of stainless steel, including the handle. Great for beginners or experienced competitors, these sport throwing knives are balanced and sturdy to help hone your technique.
$6.50 $5.85

Bailey Ziell II Throwing Knife Set

Item # BK-BOM164
The Boker Magnum Bailey Ziell II Throwing Knife Set includes three 13.25-inch knives. Each knife is constructed of super tough 420 J2 stainless steel. This great throwing knife weighs 14 ounces.
$108.00 $97.20

Biohazard Drop Point Throwers Set

Item # MC-ZB-164-3
A true survivor knows the more weapons you have, the better off you are. Professional knife throwers know the same ideal to be true. Arm yourself for competition or the apocalypse with the Biohazard Drop Point Throwers Set.
$12.00 $10.80

Biohazard Serrated Throwers

Item # MC-PP-098-2BK
If apocalyptic survival is among your interests, you need a pair of throwing knives that shows it. Whether practicing or competing, the Biohazard Serrated Throwers combine your equally impressive survival and knife skills.
$10.00 $9.00

Biohazard Throwers Three Piece Set

Item # MC-ZB-163-3BK
In a survival situation, or in a competitive setting, it never hurts to have a full set of deadly throwers at your disposal. Make sure you are fully stocked with style and functionality with the Biohazard Throwers Three Piece Set.

Black Hornet Throwing Knife Set

Item # VW-SH3570
Hornets have a wickedly painful sting that can even be fatal in some cases, especially when they deliver multiple stings. The Black Hornet Throwing Knife Set includes a trio of throwers that are inspired by this venomous wasp.

Black Leaf Blade Throwing Knife Set

Item # MC-PP-114-3SB
A wider blade might mean more weight, but in a throwing knife, that is not such a bad thing. It makes this Black Leaf Blade Throwing Knife Set a great choice, as the wider, heavier leaf blade is reliable and incredibly effective.

Black Spear Throwing Knife Set

Item # MC-C-737-2
Not every knife can be a throwing knife. Throwing knives typically are weighted differently and designed to be lightweight, while focusing much of their weight into the point. This Black Spear Throwing Knife Set is a great example.
$14.00 $12.60

Black Throwing Knife

Item # ZS-203102-BK
This throwing knife has a full stainless steel construction with a black finish. This throwing knife is great for practicing your throwing technique. Sturdy and balanced, this thrower comes with a sheath for convenient storage.
$5.50 $4.95

Broad-Bladed Throwing Knife Set

Item # MC-PAK-312-L2
A broad blade on a throwing knife might seem strange, but when you look at how a throwing knife works, it is not too far off at all. That is why this Broad-Bladed Throwing Knife Set is so effective, thanks to the heavier, wider blades.

Condor Scepter Thrower

Item # CTK1006S
The Condor Scepter Thrower is not just your average throwing knife. This throwing weapon possesses a stylized head with an arrow-like point at the tip, flanked by two gently curved blades, all attached to a straight handle.