Survive A Zombie

Almost everyone has heard of zombies, but does anyone actually know how to survive them? We do! Here at the Zombies Playground, we offer a broad selection if items to help you Survive A Zombie, ranging from gas masks to survival equipment, all the way to camp gear. But even with the right equipment, surviving a zombie can be tough. And how, exactly, do you know what you'll need from this category? It all depends on your situation. When would you need gas mask? Obviously, any time that you suspect airborne contaminants to be a hazard, you'll want to pack along a gas mask. Survival gear is a broader spectrum, although any time you plan on leaving the safety of your city to survive a zombie attack, you should always consider taking survival gear like bedrolls, sleeping bags, first aid kits, and other such necessities, as well as anything else you feel you might need. As for camp gear, most of it tends to be an absolute must-have any time you plan on surviving a zombie attack in the wild for any extended period of time. Still don't know what you need? Browse the Zombies Playground and its excellent Survive A Zombie section and little by little, you'll familiarize yourself with a variety of useful and helpful items, all while slowly figuring out what you'll need, and what you won't need, whenever zombies rise in your neighborhood.

Binoculars & Night Vision

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No one knows what capabilities the undead will display when the zombie outbreak begins. If the walking dead move at night or are able to see in the dark, you will be glad you have a pair of these fantastic night vision optics on hand! Zombies Playground carries high quality binoculars and night vision products to ensure you will not be left in the dark during the zombie apocalypse. Our tactical night vision devices include binoculars, monoculars, and goggles that use infrared technology and magnification to help you see the shambling hoard while it is still at a distance, giving you time to get away or plan your assault. These military night vision supplies are light weight and easy to use, and they often come with straps, cases, and cleaning materials to help you tote your product and keep it in tip top shape. Browse our great selection to find the perfect item for your zombie hunting needs.

Bug Out Bags

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In the event of an emergency, such as the zombie apocalypse, you and your loved ones may have a small window of time to escape the hoard, so you will want all of the survival supplies you need in a ready to go pack. Zombies Playground carries a selection of fantastic bug out bags, also known as BOB kits, go bags, bail out bags, 72 hour kits, INCH bags, and preparedness bags, among other names. Our tactical grab bags and survival kits allow you to store evacuation and survival supplies in a portable pack. We offer concealed carry duffel bags, tactical convertipacks, and emergency kits that you can use to create your personalized kit. Do not be caught unprepared during the start of the zombie outbreak. Instead, increase your chances for survival by choosing one of the high quality bug out bags that you can find here at Zombies Playground!

Gas Masks

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Anyone who thinks that a gas mask is useless during a zombie outbreak has obviously never dealt with a zombie born from airborne toxins. The usefulness of a Gas Mask cannot be overstated, and so the Zombies Playground makes sure to keep more than a few on-hand. Here, in this category, you'll find a variety of intriguing and interesting gas masks, all geared towards helping to keep you alive. Some of the gas masks you'll find in this section are for appearance only, which makes them a great training tool to get used to the weight and feel of a gas mask. A good non-functional gas mask is also a great resource to draw on whenever you're running realistic drills and zombie outbreak games with your friends and allies, as well. And because some of our gas masks offer full-face coverage, they're a great way to mask your identity and create an impressive and mysterious appearance for any survivors you meet that don't recognize your clothing or your voice. Virtually all of our gas masks are modeled after realistic models or working concepts. Some are made from heavy duty materials and others are made from lightweight polymers. All feature a similar rugged, survival-oriented look that is perfect for hard-core zombie survivors (as well as any members of the CDC that might show up to "study" and "contain" the outbreak). When you're dealing with zombies, you don't always have the luxury of knowing how they were created. And if it happens to be an air borne toxin then it's better to just not take the chance, so make sure you visit the Zombies Playground and pick up one of our Gas Masks today!

Tactical Accessories

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When you want the best gear to carry out your tactical assault on the walking dead, be sure to check out our offerings here at Zombies Playground! We are pleased to provide a fine assortment of tactical accessories including combat goggles, MOLLE utility pouches, drop leg platforms, magazine pouches, MOLLE First Aid kits, gun slings, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, and other useful items. Our waist and belt pouches are great for holding ammunitions, grenades, radios, tools, first aid supplies, and more. Many of our tactical pouches are MOLLE compatible and can be attached to the webbing on tac vests. Our tac goggles, pads, and other safety gear helps you complete your mission in relative comfort. Be prepared for any eventuality during the zombie apocalypse with these fantastic tactical accessories among your gear!

Tactical Holsters

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During the zombie apocalypse, having your weapon ready for action can mean the difference between survival and becoming one of the shambling hoard! Zombies Playground offers a fantastic selection of tactical holsters and military holsters so you can keep your gun on you at all times. Our hand pistol holsters can be worn at your hip, belly, shoulder, ankle, or leg, allowing you options in how to arm yourself. We carry concealed holsters, compact holsters, adjustable holsters, belt slide holsters, and MOLLE universal holsters, so anyone can find the type of gun holster they are looking for. Available in black, olive drab, brown, or camouflage, these holsters can fit in with the rest of your tactical gear. Browse our high quality tactical holsters now to find all the pieces you need before the outbreak begins!

Tactical Wear

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Be ready for any eventuality when the zombie outbreak occurs! You can be ready to carry out an assault on the walking dead with the aid of these high quality pieces of tactical wear. Zombies Playground carries a great variety of tac vests, concealed carry clothing, military vests, zombie vests, assault vests, MOLLE vests, and camouflage vests with the pouches and protection you need to complete your mission. Our conceal and carry jackets and vests are made of durable, lightweight, water resistant material to retain warmth and comfort while disguising the weapons within. Alternately, our tactical vests feature rugged construction with various D-rings, gun loops, and pouches for items like radios, ammunition, documents, and utility tools. Certain vests are capable of holding hydration bladders and have hidden pockets, as well. Many combine comfort with functionality with padded shoulders, adjustable straps, and drawstring waists. Our tactical wear makes a great choice when you face down the shambling hoards, so make sure to choose your gear now while there is still time!