Tactical Accessories

When you want the best gear to carry out your tactical assault on the walking dead, be sure to check out our offerings here at Zombies Playground! We are pleased to provide a fine assortment of tactical accessories including combat goggles, MOLLE utility pouches, drop leg platforms, magazine pouches, MOLLE First Aid kits, gun slings, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, and other useful items. Our waist and belt pouches are great for holding ammunitions, grenades, radios, tools, first aid supplies, and more. Many of our tactical pouches are MOLLE compatible and can be attached to the webbing on tac vests. Our tac goggles, pads, and other safety gear helps you complete your mission in relative comfort. Be prepared for any eventuality during the zombie apocalypse with these fantastic tactical accessories among your gear!
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ACU Digital Camo Helmet Cover

Item # RO-9651
Sometimes the item protecting you needs some protection so consider the benefits of the ACU Digital Camo Helmet Cover. This unique accessory will become a treasured piece of kit when you personally field test it and see the advantages.
$16.00 $14.40

ACU Digital Camo Tactical Goggles

Item # RO-10357
When you are in the field you need to see your surroundings clearly and the ACU Digital Camo Tactical Goggles can help. This military equipment will become a valued asset to your current gear when you experience the benefits for yourself.
$38.00 $34.20

ACU Digital MOLLE Double Mag Pouch

Item # RO-40115
Prepare for your mission with the help of the versatile and convenient ACU Digital MOLLE Double Mag Pouch. This military accessory will allow you to increase your round count for those times when hot lead is the only solution.
$13.00 $11.70

ACU Digital MOLLE Utility Pouch

Item # RO-40114
The ACU Digital MOLLE Utility Pouch is ideal for soldiers or survival enthusiasts who want to be prepared for anything. This versatile military accessory will become a treasured addition to your kit when you field test it for yourself.
$15.00 $13.50

Biosludge Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1064H
With intertwined shades of bright green, light and dark gray, and black, the Biosludge Parachute Cord displays a toxic appearance that makes it a striking choice for your zombie apocalypse bug out bag or other emergency kit.

Black Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt

Item # RO-4198
Constructed for use in survival, tactical, and even casual situations, the Black Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt features an all-black and versatile design which is excellent for wear in any type of weather conditions.
$7.00 $6.30

Black Fingerless Neoprene Combat Gloves

Item # RO-3460
You never want to lose dexterity in a time is life scenario so grab a pair of Black Fingerless Neoprene Combat Gloves. These versatile and durable gloves will allow your hands to function normally while still providing protection.
$22.00 $19.80

Black G.I. Flight Gloves

Item # RO-3457
Your service demands you to perform difficult tasks but they want to keep you as safe as possible while you are working. Protect yourself with the versatile Black G.I. Flight Gloves which are as comfortable as they are functional.
$41.00 $36.90

Black Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1059H
Offering a subtle look, the Black Parachute Cord works great for any number of indoor or outdoor purposes. This sturdy rope appears in solid black with a single reflective gray strand running throughout.

Camo Green Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1060H
Able to be put to a wide variety of different uses, paracord is a great item to keep in any sort of supply kit. The Camo Green Parachute Cord serves as a sturdy rope that blends in well with its muted green color.

Cold Weather Tactical Shooting Gloves

Item # RO-4480
Cops know that crimes can happen anytime, so be prepared for the elements with the Cold Weather Tactical Shooting Gloves. Balancing function with comfort this item will become a valued addition to your personal gear and wardrobe.
$45.00 $40.50

Corrosion Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1065H
Though the colors of this paracord make it look as though it will eat through metal, the Corrosion Parachute Cord makes an excellent addition to a bug out bag. Strands of orange, red, black, gray, and white intertwine in this rope.