Tactical Accessories

When you want the best gear to carry out your tactical assault on the walking dead, be sure to check out our offerings here at Zombies Playground! We are pleased to provide a fine assortment of tactical accessories including combat goggles, MOLLE utility pouches, drop leg platforms, magazine pouches, MOLLE First Aid kits, gun slings, tac knee pads, tactical elbow pads, and other useful items. Our waist and belt pouches are great for holding ammunitions, grenades, radios, tools, first aid supplies, and more. Many of our tactical pouches are MOLLE compatible and can be attached to the webbing on tac vests. Our tac goggles, pads, and other safety gear helps you complete your mission in relative comfort. Be prepared for any eventuality during the zombie apocalypse with these fantastic tactical accessories among your gear!
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Treestand Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1036H
Create your perfect hunting location with paracord that uses the perfect color combination for blending in. The Treestand Parachute Cord displays a mottled pattern of light green, dark green, tan, black, and orange strands.

Undead Zombie Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1043H
You never know what you may need to survive the coming zombie apocalypse, but you can rest assured of being as prepared as you can be with the Undead Zombie Parachute Cord in your survival kit or bug out bag.

Wetland Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1048H
Great for marshes and water-side areas, the Wetland Parachute Cord makes a useful addition for helping you set up your hunting stand. It blends in easily with its combination of OD green, green, and brown strands.

WW2 Era Gas Mask

Item # AH-DEGER002
It is a zombie apocalypse out there, and you never know when you are going to need a gas mask. If it is an airborne zombie virus, the WW2 Era Gas Mask might be your only defense against imminent infection!

Zombie Antidote Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1066H
Become a true survivor of the zombie apocalypse by discovering the antidote for the undead plague. The Zombie Antidote Parachute Cord makes a great, versatile addition to your emergency kit or bug out bag.

Zombie Decay Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1045H
During the zombie outbreak, having a trustworthy rope on hand could mean the difference between survival and joining the horde. Prepare yourself by making the Zombie Decay Parachute Cord a part of your emergency kit or bug out bag.

Zombie Infection Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1047H
Flee the zombie plague with the help of this multi-purpose rope. The Zombie Infection Parachute Cord can help you set up your hideout or create traps for the shambling horde, making it a critical addition to your bug out bag.

Zombie Outbreak Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1046H
You will not have to fear when the shambling horde passes through town with the Zombie Outbreak Parachute Cord to help you create your hideout or set traps. Make sure to keep this essential rope in your bug out bag as you prepare.

Zombie Virus Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1044H
You will not need to fear catching the zombie plague from this virulently colored paracord. The Zombie Virus Parachute Cord serves as a useful item to keep in your bug out bag to ensure you will survive the coming outbreak.