Tactical & Camo Clothing

Camouflage Clothing carries with it several advantages that put it right above regular clothing. The biggest advantage, though, has got to be that makes hiding easier, and that's why we like it so much here at the Zombies Playground, because it makes us feel safer from the shambling zombie hoards! Of course, there's no proof that camouflage does work against zombies, but there is definitely something empowering about wearing it. So even if it doesn't help you hide, it definitely makes you feel more tactical, and feeling more tactical might lead you to make more tactically sound decisions, that ultimately result in you surviving yet another day in a zombified world! If that's not a reason to wear camouflage clothing, than we don't know what is. And you'll find a wide assortment of different garments here, all featuring an assortment of camo patterns. Of course, some of the most common patterns will deal with woodland environs, but others work just as well in urban settings. Of course, virtually any kind of garment can be camouflaged, and so you'll find camo shirts, camo jackets, camo vests, camo pants, and camo hats, as well as any other garments that happen to have a camouflage pattern applied to it. Dressed up in some of our Camouflage Clothing, you'll not only be difficult to see, but you'll also be one tactical looking survivor. And you won't look too shabby, either.
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ACU Digital Camo Military T-Shirt

Item # RO-6376
Dig in and complete your mission safely with the stylish ACU Digital Camo Military T-shirt, which can be yours today. This item will become a treasured addition to your kit when you experience the balance of comfort and function.
$12.00 $10.80

ACU Digital Uniform Pants

Item # RO-5755
Always be prepared to respond at a moments notice with the durable and stylish ACU Digital Uniform Pants. This piece of tactical clothing will protect your during training or life fire missions, so do not pass up a pair of these.
$53.00 $47.70

ACU Digital Uniform Shirt

Item # RO-5765
Gear up for the obstacles of the day with the ACU Digital Combat Shirt, which will loyally serve you anywhere. This impressive uniform shirt will protect you from harsh terrain while keeping you safely hidden away in various environments.
$53.00 $47.70

Black Conceal and Carry Jacket

Item # RO-55385
If you are undercover or simply a responsible citizen then the Black Conceal and Carry Jacket can be a great asset to your daily life. This subtle piece of outerwear will provide you with a stylish veil to carry your side arm.
$148.00 $133.20

Quarter Zip Military Combat Shirt

Item # RO-99010
While this Quarter Zip Military Combat Shirt is incredibly comfortable, its main priority is to keep you protected in the field or in a combat zone. This long sleeved shirt is the perfect choice for wearing underneath heavy armor.
$72.00 $64.80

Tactical Black Military Flightsuit

Item # RO-7502
If your mission requires you to work in the cover of night then the Tactical Black Military Flightsuit is for you. This modern uniform wear will become a treasured addition to your gear when you experience the comfort and versatility.
$62.00 $55.80