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Tactical Wear

Be ready for any eventuality when the zombie outbreak occurs! You can be ready to carry out an assault on the walking dead with the aid of these high quality pieces of tactical wear. Zombies Playground carries a great variety of tac vests, concealed carry clothing, military vests, zombie vests, assault vests, MOLLE vests, and camouflage vests with the pouches and protection you need to complete your mission. Our conceal and carry jackets and vests are made of durable, lightweight, water resistant material to retain warmth and comfort while disguising the weapons within. Alternately, our tactical vests feature rugged construction with various D-rings, gun loops, and pouches for items like radios, ammunition, documents, and utility tools. Certain vests are capable of holding hydration bladders and have hidden pockets, as well. Many combine comfort with functionality with padded shoulders, adjustable straps, and drawstring waists. Our tactical wear makes a great choice when you face down the shambling hoards, so make sure to choose your gear now while there is still time!
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Cross Draw Olive Drab Tactical Vest

Item # RO-4591
Before you breach the door make sure you have on the right gear like the Cross Draw Olive Drab Tactical Vest. This military inspired gear will become a valued asset to your gear after you experience all of the advantages of this rig.
$110.00 $99.00

Deluxe SWAT Cap

Item # RO-9722
Featuring an eye catching law enforcement design, the Deluxe SWAT Cap is a supremely comfortable baseball style cap which is superb for displaying your support for the hard work and discipline of your local SWAT team.
$12.00 $10.80

Honor Before Victory Combat Boots

Item # FW1086
Take no prisoners in these bold and glossy boots. Based on the classic military boot, these Honor Before Victory Combat Boots will enhance any Punk, Grunge, or Gothic wardrobe, as well as giving an edge to a more mainstream outfit.
$52.00 $49.00

Paratroopers Military Helmet

Item # AH-6041
When a zombie tries to gnaw through your skull to your brains, you will be glad to have some protection on your head. This Paratroopers Military Helmet, with its WWII style, is strong enough to protect you from a zombies gnashing teeth.

Quarter Zip Military Combat Shirt

Item # RO-99010
While this Quarter Zip Military Combat Shirt is incredibly comfortable, its main priority is to keep you protected in the field or in a combat zone. This long sleeved shirt is the perfect choice for wearing underneath heavy armor.
$72.00 $64.80

Quick Draw Black Tactical Vest

Item # RO-5593
Before you breach the building make sure you are ready with right gear like the Quick Draw Black Tactical Vest. This impressive piece of law enforcement equipment can enhance your kit and allow you to become the best operator you can be.
$73.00 $65.70

Tactical Black Military Flightsuit

Item # RO-7502
If your mission requires you to work in the cover of night then the Tactical Black Military Flightsuit is for you. This modern uniform wear will become a treasured addition to your gear when you experience the comfort and versatility.
$62.00 $55.80

Tactical Combat Vest

Item # BK-CT393
Zombie preparation is a serious business, and you need serious gear to get ready for when the undead do rise and attack humanity. So prepare right and adorn yourself with this Tactical Combat Vest and its plethora of features.
$70.00 $63.00