The Butcher Shop

Welcome to The Butcher Shop, located here at the Zombies Playground. As menacing as it sounds, all you'll really find here are quality cuts of meat - many of which are taken directly from human and zombie donors! From limbs to organs to bits of bodies, you'll find a variety of gory props here for your perusal and use. Of course, none of what you find here is actual meat, but rather, very realistic and impressive looking props, all of which are designed to mimic the appearance of human and zombie anatomy. Among the things you'll find here are a number of severed limbs, ranging from hands, arms, and fingers, as well as feet and legs. For a more discerning customer, we've also got organs available, as well as number of gruesome severed heads that you can display or carry around whenever you're in your zombie costume. You can even find whole bodies here, assuming of course that you don't mind having a zombie or other undead hanging around and watching you all the time. For the truly discerning costumer, we also offer some cuts of meat served up on nice little trays, just like you would get from an actual butcher. The next time you plan and execute a zombie event, make sure you visit The Butcher Shop at the Zombies Playground to find all of the bodily bits and pieces that you'll need to create authentic zombie attacks. After all, what's a zombie outbreak without a little gore and viscera hanging about?

Arms & Hands

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The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground is prepared to offer you Arms and Hands both, whenever you need them. It doesn't matter if you need zombie hands or human hands, full arms or just fingers. You can find it all, as well as so much more, right here. There are so many uses for a hand, and the sheer number of the uses doesn't decrease, even when the hand is severed from the body. Our own severed hands and arms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from almost full-length arms that are cut off mid-bicep to hands that are severed at the wrists. Some are zombified and tinted a variety of unhealthy skin-tones, while others are perfectly human and perfectly healthy, except for the fact that they've been removed from their original body. Others are wrapped in bandages or served on meat trays for your viewing pleasure. We even offer severed fingers, all for the purpose of providing you with a number of truly spooky and eerie limbs that you can use for your own zombified purposes! Each severed limb offered here is a prop only, and is made from plastic, foam, or latex (or any combination of the three). So come on down and visit the Arms and Hands section of The Butcher Shop at the Zombies Playground, and see if we have any limbs that you might find appealing and useful for your own needs.

Cut Off Heads

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As gruesome as they are, our Cut Off Heads are some of the scariest and most terrifying decapitated visages you are likely to see. Of course, The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground offers a wide (and growing) assortment of severed heads for you to view and acquire for your own, personal use. Striking and startling in their appearance, these decapitated heads come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different looks to ensure that no matter what sort of gruesome little display you want to create, we have the head you need to make it happen. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a zombie head, a human head, or even a fresh skull, because you can find all three here. Incidentally, many of our severed heads also make for fantastic zombie trophies, especially when you consider that a zombie with its head cut off is fairly harmless (unless of course your zombies are the type that keep biting until they're brain is disabled). You'll also find a few other intriguing little items here that would have been cut off of a head, like detached ears and other visceral little items. Each decapitated head offered here is a prop only, and is made from plastic, foam, or latex (or any combination of the three). Does your zombie outbreak feel like its missing something? Is your apocalypse looking a little too "nice?" Add in a few of the Cut Off Heads from the Zombies Playground and you'll have a visceral and gruesome scene that is perfect for any zombie setting.

Legs & Feet

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During a zombie apocalypse, its not unheard of to find bits and pieces of bodies just lying around as remnants of humans that have been overwhelmed and devoured. And here in The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground, we're happy to provide you with all the Legs and Feet you need to create such a frightening scene. Using one of these impressive props, you can give new meaning to the phrase "one foot in the grave." Of course, at The Butcher Shop, we don't discriminate, so we offer both human and zombie legs and feet of varying sizes and lengths. We offer human feet that are cut off at the ankle, at the knee, and at the upper thigh. You can even get severed feet and legs served up on little white trays, just like you would at a typical butcher's shop. Our zombie limbs come in a variety of unpleasant hues, ranging from rotting browns to classic blues, in order to suit whatever type of zombie you happen to prefer. Each severed limb offered here is a prop only, and is made from plastic, foam, or latex (or any combination of the three). Toss them about to create a true massacre scene, or just let your walking dead carry our severed Legs and Feet, for use as a weapon or so that they always happen to have a snack, close at hand.

Organs & Innards

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When they say that it's "what's inside that counts", they really aren't kidding. The Butcher Shop at Zombies Playground has risked life and limb to bring you a number of Organs and Innards, all taken from slain zombies and willing human donors so that you might have extra organs for any number of purposes. Essentially, here you'll find all the things that you typically don't see when it comes to human anatomy, including all the gooey and squishy organs that typically are what makes life possible. Predominantly you'll find brains and hearts, which are two of the most essential organs (as well as the two most-favored by zombies, it seems), although you'll also find other organs here as well, including things like intestines and eyeballs. Each of these organs are props only, and many are made from foam, latex, or plastic (or any combination of the three). Some are even served up on little white meat trays, as if they were freshly butchered at a professional shop. Nothing quite adds a touch of fright and fear like any of the Organs and Innards that you can find here, inside The Butcher Shop at the Zombies Playground.