Womens Zombie Costumes

Anyone who believes that zombie women can't be beautiful or elegant has obviously never seen some of the Women's Costumes here at the Zombies Playground, because many of these zombie costumes are just the ticket to creating a walking dead look that remains classy, stylish, and beautiful, as well as somewhat frightening. There are a number of attractive and elegant gothic gowns that are tattered and twisted into a classic zombie style while still retaining more than a shadow of their former grace, perfectly combining elegance and ghoulishness into one impressive costume. Of course, not all women want to be a pretty zombie, and so we also offer a number of costumes that lean closer towards realism, creating zombie looks that will terrify with shocking ease. And best of all, these costumes aren't limited, in scope or in use. If you just want to look like a zombie or an undead, these costumes are perfect whether you're dressing up for Halloween, participating in a zombie walk, or helping someone re-create their very own zombie outbreak! When you need a zombie costume that is frightening, fantastic, or just plain fun, check us out at the Zombies Playground to find the zombified Women's Costume that fits your every need.
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Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume

Item # FM-68698
Nurses normally offer comfort and care when you are injured or sick. Not so with this nurse. When you are dressed up in this Biohazard Zombie Nurse Costume, you will look like a flesh eating ghoul ready to feast on the weak and sickly.

Bloody Apron

Item # FM-65167
Is that human blood, zombie blood, or animal blood? You will never know. The Bloody Apron looks like it could have belonged to a butcher before the zombie outbreak. But now, it looks like it could belong to a flesh-eating zombie.

Dark Zombie Bride Costume

Item # FM-63941
Traditionally, all a zombie bride had to do to find a zombie groom was pick a man and turn him into a zombie. With the Dark Zombie Bride Costume, you will have men lining up to join the ranks of the walking dead, all for you.

Enchanted Zombie Princess Costume

Item # FM-78245
Who said that happily ever after had to end? With the Enchanted Zombie Princess Costume, you can have an eternity with your dream prince! Crafted entirely from fine polyester fabric, this whimsical maiden brings life to the undead.

Undead Cheerleader Costume

Item # FM-78247
Sometimes even zombies need help to put a pep in their step. By combining the spirit of a cheerleader with the iconic zombie, you can give them the motivation to continue their march when you wear the Undead Cheerleader Costume!

White Scientist's Lab Coat

Item # FM-60386
Before the world ended and zombies started eating what was left, a White Scientists Lab Coat like this one could have been a mark of pride, knowledge, and skill. Now, though, it is just a coat to keep you warm after a zombie apocalypse.

Womens Drop Dead Gorgeous Plus Size Costume

Item # IN-15017
A beauty queen, this lady certainly is not. This Womens Drop Dead Gorgeous Plus Size Costume will transform any girl into deathly diva who has had a bad run-in with a knife. Not that a little impaling has slowed her down any.

Women's Punk Zombie Costume

Item # FM-66356
Why stop partying when the sun comes up when you can embrace the living dead and party for an eternity? In the Womens Punk Zombie Costume, you will look like a gothic rocker chick who chose an undead life of rock and roll.

Zombie Beer Maiden Costume

Item # IN-11059
Since the worldwide spread of a strange virus, the Oktoberfest has become the OktoberFeast. Try to avoid getting stains on your Zombie Beer Maiden Costume when serving up a platter of brains and a tankard of blood to undead customers.

Zombie Butchers Apron

Item # RC-3699
The hunt for fresh meat has left the apron of this undead butcher a little the worse for wear! The Zombie Butchers Apron shows off fake blood smears, hand prints, and other gore, including exposed intestines and ribs.

Zombie Housewife Costume

Item # FM-66359
This dress is a dreadful piece that will go a long way in transforming a mild-mannered housewife into a ravenous, flesh-eating ghoul. With its black and white polka-dot design, the Zombie Housewife Costume was once quite trendy.

Zombie Lady Costume

Item # FM-66358
If there is one way to look like an elegant lady before and after death, then it is to dress stylishly. After you come back as the walking dead, as long as you are wearing your Zombie Lady Costume, you will continue to look pretty.