Womens Zombie T-Shirts

Brought to you by the Zombies Playground, many of these Women's Zombie T-Shirts would look fantastic on the ghoul of your dreams. Of course, these awesome zombie shirts don't have to be given as gifts to be enjoyed to their fullest by any number of female zombie fanatics. In fact, all you need to enjoy these shirts is either a love of all things zombie, or just a desire for an awesome shirt that might happen to have something to do with zombies. Virtually all of our women's zombie shirts feature an impressive zombie design of some kind, and those that don't are likely styled to look great ON a zombie. Some of these shirts are rather humorous, in a zombified kind of way, while others are completely serious about their undead design. Some of them aren't even shirts at all, but rather accessories that are designed to cover your arms and torso. One thing that they all have in common, though, is that they're all exceptionally comfortable to wear. So next time you feel like showing off your love of all things zombie, consider picking up a Women's Zombie T-Shirt from the Zombie Playground to add to your wardrobe.
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Walking Dead Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Item # SL-00754
When it comes to zombies, no one does it better than the Walking Dead. Now you can portray the grotesque undead with the Walking Dead Cap Sleeve T-Shirt, the exceptional garment ideal for all wardrobes of zombie enthusiasts!

Womens Zombie Love T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3025
The Womens Zombie Love T-Shirt takes the classic pictogram of I Heart You and zombifies it. The message is basically the same, professing a love of zombies through words and a heart, although this heart is more bloodstained.
$26.00 $23.40

Womens Zombie Lure T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3017
What do you get when you combine a shotgun, a machete, and a good zombie call with an intrepid but bored female survivor? You get a lot of dead zombies that will not get up again and the Womens Zombie Lure T-Shirt.
$26.00 $23.40

Zombie Waitress Costume

Item # RC-D19581
Serve up a night of terror along with a healthy helping of brains with the Zombie Waitress Costume to declare your undead status. This costume package is all you need to ensure that your Halloween is full of screams and mayhem.