Zombie Costumes

Zombies Playground is your one stop shop for everything zombie, so naturally we carry zombie costumes for the whole family! Shop here for adult zombie costumes and childrens zombie costumes in a variety of styles. We have scary shambling zombie costumes and zombie costumes where the previous profession of the now zombified is revealed in gory detail, such as in our zombie chef costumes, zombie doctor costumes, and zombie soldier costumes. We have zombie costumes for the whole family here. Some of our womens zombie costumes are hauntingly beautiful, like our zombie prom queen costumes and undead bride costumes, while others take horror to a whole new level. Our mens zombie costumes include zombie knights and zombie pirates as well as more traditional, modern zombie costumes. Kids zombie costumes let little ones get in on the fun of dressing up as a brain-crazed zombie or take on the role of a zombie hunter. For zombie costumes of all kinds, shop Zombies Playground.

Mens Zombie Costumes

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If you're a man who happens to be looking for a complete and comprehensive zombie costume, then you've come to the right place. Here at the Zombies Playground, you'll find zombified costumes galore here, each one more iconic, intriguing, or impressive than the last. And since zombies come from all walks of life, you'll find all manner of zombie costumes here, in a variety of different shapes and styles. You'll even find a few from different eras! Modern-day zombies can choose from a variety of costumes, ranging between formal looks perfect for zombie grooms to zombie doctors, dressed in scrubs, all the day down to rock star zombies, still rocking from beyond the grave! And since zombies aren't restricted to one era, we even have zombie costumes that are perfect for medieval monks, pirate-age plunderers, and armored warriors straight from the Middle Ages! Tattered and twisted, all of our men's zombie costumes are great options for a variety of different events, ranging from a family night out on Halloween to something more organized, like an official zombie walk. But the most important thing is that whenever you wear a men's zombie costume from the Zombies Playground, you will look and feel just like a real zombie.

Womens Zombie Costumes

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Anyone who believes that zombie women can't be beautiful or elegant has obviously never seen some of the Women's Costumes here at the Zombies Playground, because many of these zombie costumes are just the ticket to creating a walking dead look that remains classy, stylish, and beautiful, as well as somewhat frightening. There are a number of attractive and elegant gothic gowns that are tattered and twisted into a classic zombie style while still retaining more than a shadow of their former grace, perfectly combining elegance and ghoulishness into one impressive costume. Of course, not all women want to be a pretty zombie, and so we also offer a number of costumes that lean closer towards realism, creating zombie looks that will terrify with shocking ease. And best of all, these costumes aren't limited, in scope or in use. If you just want to look like a zombie or an undead, these costumes are perfect whether you're dressing up for Halloween, participating in a zombie walk, or helping someone re-create their very own zombie outbreak! When you need a zombie costume that is frightening, fantastic, or just plain fun, check us out at the Zombies Playground to find the zombified Women's Costume that fits your every need.

Boys Zombie Costumes

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There's no denying that your little boy would likely be one of the cutest zombies around, especially if he's dressed in one of the Boy's Costumes from the Zombies Playground. These costumes are classic zombie looks that are as frightening as they are fantastic and fun. Dressed up in one of these costumes, your little boy will look just like one of the walking dead, fit to join in a mob as they shamble down the street in search of brains. Being good quality, these costumes are perfect for a variety of situations or events, ranging from something as casual as playing zombies and survivors to something a bit more organized, like a family oriented zombie walk. Of course, it goes without saying that they're great for Halloween and costume parties, too. If you're little boy dreams of being a zombie, then let them embrace that dream by getting one or two of these Boy's Costumes for them from the Zombies Playground. After all, dressing as one is definitely better then becoming the real thing.

Girls Zombie Costumes

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Little girl zombies are notorious for being one of two things. Insanely creepy or shockingly adorable. Neither is technically a bad thing, so dress your little girl up in a Girl's Zombie Costume from Zombies Playground and see which one she ends up being. These costumes are a perfect touch for a little girl who favors a slightly more gothic touch when it comes to her preferred style, and some of the costumes featured within are easily convertible from eerie zombie to pretty little gothic girl. Of course, that's not all that can be found within this category, as we offer a number of other zombie costumes that will transform your little girl into a member of the walking dead for a variety of occasions, ranging from events like family-oriented zombie walks to the classic example of trick-or-treating on Halloween, down even to a great little costume for a girl to play "zombie" in. Whether she's just playing dress-up and pretending to be the zombie she's always wanted to be or she's participating in a family zombie walk, she's sure to look like one of the cutest undead creatures you've ever seen when she's wearing one of these Girl's Costumes from the Zombie's Playground.