Zombie Gifts

Just because something is influenced by zombies does not mean it can't be fun. In fact, that's quite far from the truth, as many of the Zombie Gifts found at the Zombies Playground can be quite novel and fun, while others can be considered serious and thoughtful gifts. Zombie gifts constitute a wide range of things, although really, anything related to zombies could be given as a gift. Here, this section contains an assortment of little trinkets that are perfect for giving to anyone who has a love of zombified things. Some of the gifts are novelty items, including things like color-changing soap, moving little figurines, and gelatin molds shaped like brains and hearts, while other gifts are perfectly serious, including attractive bags, wearable pins, and impressive (and functional) zippo lighters. And those are just a few examples of what you'll find here. And since gifts aren't exactly age-restricted, you can find gifts here for a variety of ages, ranging from early youth to more advanced ages. No longer is giving a gift to a zombie enthusiast difficult. At least, it's not any more now that the Zombies Playground is offering a number of fantastic and impressive Zombie Gifts.
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Bloody Soap

Item # FM-17114
Put this bar of soap within easy reach of a faucet and then just sit back and wait until someone tries to wash their hands. Do not be surprised if you hear shouts of fear and confusion, though. That is what the Bloody Soap does best.

Bloody Zombie Zippo Lighter

Item # ZB-3001
No survivor should ever be without a good, reliable lighter. You never know when you might need to start a fire for warmth, light, or defense. With the Bloody Zombie Zippo Lighter, you will always have fire and know your enemy.
$27.00 $24.30

Brass Bullet Key Chain

Item # OD301
For the firearms enthusiast, nothing beats carrying around a reminder of your passion. This Brass Bullet Key Chain recreates the shape of a traditional bullet with brass casing that you can easily make a part of your everyday routine.

Cloth Zombie Killer Patch

Item # RO-72184
When the world ends and we are overrun with the undead you will want to wear a Cloth Zombie Killer Patch. Show everyone that you are fighting for humans with this original clothing accessory that will be admired by your friends.

Decapitator Key Chain

Item # ZH-008
Never overlook the little things when it comes to filling out your zombie survival kit. Small and handy, the Decapitator Key Chain is a must-have, one that allows you to de-cap any bottles that cross your path, apocalypse or no.
$7.99 $7.19

Human Heart Gelatin Mold

Item # ZB-5002
Just because zombies are flesh-eating monsters does not mean you cannot treat them to a meal. When cooking to suit zombie tastes, nothing makes a better appetizer than a dish from the heart, like the Human Heart Gelatin Mold.
$5.40 $4.86

I Heart Zombies Magnet

Item # ND-95116
Though intended to be frightening creatures, the walking undead inspire a lot of humor and genuine interest, as well. The I Heart Zombies Magnet displays a hand rising from the ground, clasping a red heart.
$5.40 $4.86

Nesting Skulls Measuring Cups

Item # CC11722
Who knew that adding a hint of macabre to everyday life would be this practical! In an adorable twist on classic kitchenware, the Nesting Skulls Measuring Cups provide charming gothic flair without compromising on needed function.

PVC Zombie Killer Patch

Item # RO-72203
If you are mentally and physically ready for the end of the world then the PVC Zombie Killer Patch can be a great accessory for you. This daring accent is sure to become a treasured addition to your gear when you are putting down zombies.

Rifle Bullet Key Chain

Item # OD302
This Rifle Bullet Key Chain is for when you need something in a higher caliber. This key chain is so realistic that you could almost load it and fire it, making it a great trinket and collectible for an enthusiast to carry around.

The Dead Are Among Us Button

Item # ZB-4004
There is no better way to show your awareness and support of zombies than with The Dead Are Among Us Button! This classic button is a great display that can be added in to any attire that you feel might need extra zombie style.

The Dead Are Among Us Tote Bag

Item # ZB-4000
When you are looking to carry around all of your zombie outbreak equipment, whether it is weapons, medical kits, or more, look to the Dead Are Among Us Tote Bag to make carrying all those different items that much easier.