Zombie Home Decor

Here in the Home Decor section of the Zombies Playground, you'll find all of the smaller sized items that are perfect for adding a distinctive and decidedly zombie touch to your home's appearance. Some of them are creepy, some of them are funny, and all of them are zombified. You'll find all sorts of impressive and intriguing little items here, ranging from the mildly mundane to the impressively outrageous. You'll find typical home decor items here like bowls, candles and holders, and posters, all featuring an impressive zombie style. And you'll find other, more esoteric items here as well, like body bags and warning tape. And don't be surprised if you see a zombified garden gnome or something equally strange here as well. Basically if you can hang it, display it, and show it off in your home while creating a distinctive zombie style, its definitely an item that you could find here in the Home Decor section of the Zombies Playground.
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Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels

Item # MB-M36512
With these Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels, you can instantly transform some of your favorite bottled beverages into Halloween drinks. Each label is ghoulishly clever and features a name designed to inspire fright and fun.
$2.50 $2.25

Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels

Item # MB-M36602
Soda? Why bother drinking regular soda on Halloween when you can just apply one of these Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels and convert any two-liter bottle into a spooky liquid refreshment fit for ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.
$2.50 $2.25

Heavy Metal Zombie Head

Item # CC9143
This gruesome bust recreates the look of a zombie in impressive detail. You could say that this Heavy Metal Zombie Head is quite lifelike, as well as quite safe, as this zombie head will not start snapping at those who get too close.

Hungry Zombie Door Knocker

Item # CC9955
Zombies hunger for the flesh of the living, making the open maw of the Hungry Zombie Door Knocker a creepy decoration to guard entrance to your home. The door knocker ring with bob hangs from its jaws and yellowed teeth.

Impaled Zombie Incense Burner

Item # CC9427
Zombies are not the most pleasant smelling creatures, what with the blood, rot, and decay. Luckily, this Impaled Zombie Incense Burner does not suffer from that problem, thanks to the possible incense you can jam between his ribs!

Impaled Zombie Incense Holder

Item # CC10111
Fans of the Walking Dead and other zombie fare can bring a hint of the macabre to their daily lives with the Impaled Zombie Incense Holder. This zombie lies fallen on its back with a stick of incense protruding from its chest.

Impaled Zombie Letter Opener

Item # CC9430
One surefire way to put a zombie down and keep them there is to impale them on something and leave it in their chest. Take this Impaled Zombie Letter Opener, for instance, which pins a zombie to the ground with a cross-shaped blade.

Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder

Item # CC10101
Fans of the Walking Dead and other zombie fare can bring a hint of the macabre to their daily lives with the Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder. This zombie lies fallen on its back with a writing implement protruding from its chest.

Inflatable Brain

Item # ZB-5000
Keep this emergency Inflatable Brain with you at all times! It might just save your life. It can be thrown to the hungry zombie hordes to distract them with tasty brains, or it might come in handy if your own brain starts to malfunction.

Remote Control Zombie

Item # ZB-5005
There is no better way to prepare your family for a zombie outbreak than by terrorizing them with your Remote Control Zombie! Once activated, this zombie will send survivors fleeing for the first hiding spot they find.
$22.50 $20.25

Skulking Zombie Phone Holder

Item # CC9697
If you love zombies, then why not infuse a touch of zombified style into your everyday life? This Skulking Zombie Phone Holder is less dangerous than a real zombie, has undead appeal, and is a perfect place to store your phone!

The Walking Dead Katana Display Stand

Item # MC-WD-ST
The katana used by Michonne on the AMC series The Walking Dead is an iconic sword any fan will love. Once you have your own The Walking Dead Katana (Item # MC-WD0019), make sure you also grab The Walking Dead Katana Display Stand.