Zombie Props

Whenever you're looking for something truly ghoulish and zombified to decorate with, look no further than the Zombie Props Section at the Zombies Playground. Here you'll find standing zombies, crawling zombies, warning signs, body bags, and eerie little animals. And that's only naming a few items. For a truly impressive zombie style, these Zombie Props are almost indispensable, as they depict a wide assortment of concepts and themes, all of which are so perfectly "zombie" in their own way. You'll find a number of little oddities here, all perfect for decorating. Want to scare your guests with ghoulish bats, toads, and vultures? We have them and boy are they creepy looking. Want to go a little less subtle and stand a zombie up in your yard? Do you want a dead zombie, a zombie coming out of the ground, or a zombie holding a sign, because we have all three and many more available. If you want hands that stick out of the ground or gruesome and gory signs for parties or privacy, you can find them all here. Some of the props are animatronic, some of them are still. Some are plastic, some are latex, and some are foam. All of them, though, are incredibly detailed, so much so that people might actually mistake them for the real thing. Whenever you're decorating inside and out, turn to the Zombie Props section here at the Zombies Playground to fill all your zombified needs.
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Standing Sleeper Zombie

Item # FM-67116
If zombies do not sleep, then why this one called the Standing Sleeper Zombie? This zombie is dressed in its sleeping attire. It wears a blood-stained white sleeping gown and a classic sleeping cap on its head.

The Zombie Crawler

Item # HS-27083
If you are to learn anything from The Zombie Crawler prop, it is that you cannot keep a good zombie down. Despite gruesome and horrifying injuries that would leave a human dying, this zombie crawls on, tenaciously pursuing its meal.

Tombstone Fog Machine Cover

Item # MB-M36541
Do not leave your fog machine sitting out! Decorate it with true Halloween zeal and make it a part of your decor with this Tombstone Fog Machine Cover! Slip this cover over your fogger and it will look like it belongs in a graveyard.
$26.00 $23.40

Voodoo Zombie on a Stake

Item # FM-60957
Technically, decapitation works just as well on voodoo zombies as it does on regular zombies. The method employed in the Voodoo Zombie on a Stake will get the job done, though, as that level of impalement is just as effective.

Welcome Zombie Prop

Item # HS-26010
It may sound like a hoax, but sometimes courtesy can be found even among the hordes of the walking dead. This Welcome Zombie Prop seems content to give a startling, grisly grin while waving hello to all those who pass by.

Well-Dressed Groundbreaker Zombie

Item # FM-66789
Every now and then, you see a zombie that gives you reason to pause. The Well-Dressed Groundbreaker Zombie is definitely one of those zombies because, unlike most, this particular zombie happens to be smartly dressed.

Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

Item # FM-64487
These Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes seem to rise up out of the ground as if to say, help! Do not be fooled, because helping haul a zombie out of the ground will only earn you an attack from the walking dead that you helped set free.

Zombie Body Bag

Item # FM-66744
Some zombies wake up in a black body bag, while others find themselves in one after they have been permanently destroyed. A Zombie Body Bag gets put through a lot of use whenever humanity finds itself in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Zombie Floor Sign With Caution Tape

Item # FM-66723
As a fellow survivor, the polite thing to do when zombies are concerned is to leave a warning that zombies are near. The perfect way to do that is to mark the area with a Zombie Floor Sign with Caution Tape.

Zombie Ground Crawler

Item # HS-27086
Zombies are a tenacious bunch, as you can see from the Zombie Ground Crawler decoration. Losing a good portion of its lower body and its limbs has not deterred this zombie. In fact, it looks intent on dragging itself towards its meal.

Zombie Ground Display

Item # HS-27085
Do not think for a second that burying a zombie will be enough to keep it down. Instead, you will just have to worry about things like this Zombie Ground Display popping up and scaring the living daylights out of onlookers and passersby.

Zombie Tree Hugger

Item # FM-59585
Who knew that zombies loved trees as much as they loved human flesh and brains? No one, apparently, which is why the Zombie Tree Hugger is a startling decoration. This zombie happens to look very creepy, too.